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Zillow Under NY Investigation

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"Zillow Under NY Investigation"

  1. Lisa Wiley says:

    Love you guys. Thanks for coming to Flagler Beach last Friday, enjoyed the training.

  2. What about when they have a listing showing as a foreclosure and it’s not. That causes major confusion. My phone rang off the hook last week on a listing I have because they showed it as a foreclosure sale. It hurt my listing. Once I finally got someone on the phone and after going round and round they finally admitted that it was a problem on their end and fixed it but it should have never been on there in the first place. Then the rep asked why I no longer advertised with them and I told her because of crap like what I was calling about. She told me that it was a free service to us agents and we made money off of them… yeah… it didn’t end well.

    1. Chris Wagener - The Smart Marketing Company says:

      Love this story!!! I want more details :p

  3. Mary Ann York says:

    Manhattan does not participate in mls. All of their listings are exclusive agency.

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