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Zillow Testing New Home Tour App



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"Zillow Testing New Home Tour App"

  1. Jason says:

    The only way to stop the acceleration of Zillow is to stop the MLS’s from taking money from Zillow to use the MLS’s as means to show properties for sale which isn’t going to happen. We have realtors associations that could also help by stating that a company has to be based in the state for them to practice but they get away with that because agents in the state are used. Maybe the state could pass a law that you could only be with one brokerage at a time and make Zillow a brokerage instead of a lead generation. Let’s face it buying and selling homes which they have started doing is now a brokerage. So unless a law gets passed that Zillow actually has to have a Zillow building establish in each state that has to pay a brokerage fee and be licensed in each state, this will continue.

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