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The strategy for Zillow to make up for their losses is to basically charge a bunch more money to those who can afford it, leaving those who can’t out.



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"Zillow Ready to Up Agent Fees Big Time"

  1. Dot Beckley says:

    Zillow continues to seek my business as a "premier agent" even though I have continually rejected their sales offers. I can guarantee that if my brand new agent with 2 weeks experience is willing to pay the price, she too can be a "premier agent". The reality is that more agents are on to the true value of Zillow leads and are opting out. But a nice spin by the CEO to say that the company is culling vs the customers opting out.
    And my listings are still on Zillow, so if one of my fellow agents gets a call from the buyer, I am happy to work with that agent to close a deal. It's a win/win. I get my listing sold and some poor agent gets to pay down some of that Zillow advertising bill:)

  2. dan says:

    I still find it amazing that agents allow this. When I see a listing on Zillow with the listing agent and 3 other agents shown, i think, why? Why should an agent have to pay to be the exclusive agent for their own listing?

  3. Rob Aubrey says:

    Why would there listings still be on z!ll0w?

    THey've been using the tactics of politicians for quite some time, that is say something long enough and people start to beleive it is true. Now they taking another play out of the politico play book, take more from those that have money.

  4. Rob Aubrey says:

    Why would there listings still be on z!ll0w?

    THey've been using the tactics of politicians for quite some time, that is say something long enough and people start to beleive it is true. Now they taking another play out of the politico play book, take more from those that have money.

  5. Leo Chomen says:

    The problem with their philosophy is, if you are an established agent, you do not need to be Zillow premier agent. You have your own leads from your book of business.quite frankly if the outside world still sees my listings on Zillow and another agent can sell my listings I am quite happy!

  6. Leo Chomen says:

    The problem with their philosophy is, if you are an established agent, you do not need to be Zillow premier agent. You have your own leads from your book of business.quite frankly if the outside world still sees my listings on Zillow and another agent can sell my listings I am quite happy!

  7. There's a solution. Agents should claim ownership of their listings on Zillow, then in the first sentence, put their contact info. You can change your data that is fed to Zillow. It's not allowed by the MLS to put listing agent info in description but there's no rule against it in Zillow. So when someone wants info on that listing, they will see the listing agents info first. I'm wondering why more agents aren't doing this.
    Also, they believe they are responsible for $3 bill of $75 billion in commissions. That's definitely an over estimate I believe. They do not track the closed sales, and assume a 10% closing rate of their leads. I know because they send me a report each month. It's more like 5% or less.

  8. There's a solution. Agents should claim ownership of their listings on Zillow, then in the first sentence, put their contact info. You can change your data that is fed to Zillow. It's not allowed by the MLS to put listing agent info in description but there's no rule against it in Zillow. So when someone wants info on that listing, they will see the listing agents info first. I'm wondering why more agents aren't doing this.
    Also, they believe they are responsible for $3 bill of $75 billion in commissions. That's definitely an over estimate I believe. They do not track the closed sales, and assume a 10% closing rate of their leads. I know because they send me a report each month. It's more like 5% or less.

  9. Zillow is on its way out. When it is finally over, all the agents who spent enormous sums to be a Premier Agent will have to equate the true return on their investment. It is amazing to see the new "faces" of zillow agents who replace the former agent with that "slot". Turnover is constant on agents paying huge fees to be on zillow. Now zillow claims it wants to reduce the number of agents, and charge those remaining more for the same service? I am not an economic wizard, but I would guess the shareholders are not going to be happy. That's similar to a non conventional real estate office eliminating the low producers and charging more to the top producers who remain. NEWS BLAST: Agents prefer to reduce their cost to do business…..it is important when the climate changes to be running your business more effectively, thus improving your bottom line. The end is nearing for zillow, but like Nero, the CEO plans on playing the fiddle as his company burns to the ground. Attention zillow employees……start looking for a new job.

  10. Complete BS! I'm going to look into adding my name to the listing description so Zillow can't "steal" my leads. Let's boycott Zillow!

  11. Bill Hamberg says:

    Just Googled “Premier Agent”. …ANY Agent who has enough money to pay for the service…

  12. John Krajc says:

    All I can say is…get my listings off Zillow! First thing I always tell clients is to use Realtor.com because Zillow uses outdated, often inflated information.

  13. Joey Hayden says:

    Get our listings off Zillow. Why should we even have them on there! They let FSBOs on there.
    I say talk to your Broker and to your Board and refuse to let their MLS providers IDX them to any site that lets FSBOs on there.
    We have Realtor.com
    Lets do this folks!

    1. Kathy Morrison says:

      Joey, that would be great if we still owned Realtor.com. I agree Zillow is the pits and hope someone out there will step up and put them out of business.

  14. Phil Amodeo says:

    Great idea, Daniel! What happens if we manually enter a listing into Zillow (before activating in MLS) and then it goes into MLS in the traditional way. Are there two listings for that property shown in Zillow, or does one of them drop off?
    I wonder if putting listing agent contact info in MLS listing initially, and then removing it a little later, would populate it into Zillow. Does Zillow frequently update feeds from MLS, or only when there are price revisions or other material changes? We need to take contol of our listings!

  15. The conclusions in this post are not entirely correct. The remaining agents are paying more because they are buying the impressions left behind from the agents being culled. Zillow is focusing on the agents that can afford to buy 100% of a zip and reap the 3-4x ROI from that. Ideally, they would like to see 3 mega teams in each zip and be done with it so they don't have to constantly deal with agent churn. The reason there is churn in the first place is aside from getting the auto-check (which again is based on % share in a zip) you have to stand out with reviews and past sales and a good profile. You have to be good to get the leads. Is this harder for new agents? Yes but not impossible. Also, the assumption isn't that agents who can afford it are good and the ones that can't aren't. The assumption is only that you have to be good to get enough business in the first place to afford many impressions on zillow. Zillow isn't going anywhere and I can tell you if you work in an area with a lot of relocation your local book of business isn't going to cut it. Even if you know google in and out many clients are going to the portals when relocating and thats how you grab that business and expand your local referral network for years to come.

  16. Uh, it's called "CAPITALISM" and "COMPETITION". I predict some company will rise to compete with Zillow, at a lower rate, and steal their business. Left alone, competition and capitalism result in the BEST products for the LEAST cost every time! Leave it alone and let it evolve organically, eventually it will correct itself.

  17. Guys…can you tell me how this affects the rental market?

  18. Zach Zaleski says:

    Everyone should be branding ever picture that goes to Zillow with their contact info. You can do this by syndicating to Zillow through something other than the MLS. We use KWLS and Listings Magic because we can put a set of branded pics in those feeds and then syndicate out to Zillow from their. When Zillow 'catches' that they just scramble the order of the pics which is why it is important to brand all the pics. They should not be able to sell our own leads back to us. Their business model is to steal the leads and sell them back to us. We can shut them down. No one should be paying Zillow for leads, just focusing on getting listings and the leads will follow.

  19. Tim McNerney says:

    Interesting to see the Realtors dealing with a similar issue that smaller mortgage brokers already dealt with years ago. In 2012 we signed up with their Marketplace to QUOTE rates on their site. Their eyeballs were significant and since our margins were low we crushed it with leads and closed loans. Then in 2013 Zillow changed their requirements of amount to pay to participate and the results also were never as good as when we started in 2012. They have basically admitted that ‘smaller’ mortgage broker shops do not belong on the marketplace mainly because the cost is prohibitive. SO–>that affects the general population of consumers in that they will not see the smaller shops with the lower margins and the BETTER rates because it costs too much to do so. They created a long form program to get us back in to being a part of Zillow but those leads are nothing like the marketplace leads which are people looking to do something right now, versus the long from which tends to be people looking to do something 3-6 months out. So now the REALTORS not looking to pay full freight are getting the same treatment the smaller mortgage brokers received several years ago. Zillow is a pure—gotta pay to play be it a top real estate agent for 30 years or someone just starting…as long as you pay.

  20. Phil Amodeo Its my understanding that zillow does not allow that info in the listing either?

  21. Tere Rice says:

    Even if agents don't pay Godzilla. They still are supplying Gozilla with their listings for leads that Godzilla sells to other agents. And to think the whole reason they became popular was because people wanted to know how much their neighbors house sold for and how much Grandmas house is worth? Per month cost to be a "premier Agent" over $1,000 a month for 1200 views the amount of views to get one contact 1,000 the amount of contacts for a vial lead 20. I did the math and quit paying 30 % of my commissions to Godzilla.

    Spencer Rascoff is running scared. The bottomless well is drying up. The Emperor has no clothes.

  22. Tere Rice says:

    Funny I can't tweet or Facebook this article

  23. Has anyone caught the story about Lenders not allowing their LO's to Market/Advertise on Zillow due to Compliance issues? There are several Lenders, big name Lenders, who have put a stop to using Zillow. My Compliance Dept is less than enthusiastic about it and brought to my attention the retraction of many Lenders from Zillow, and told me this Zillow relationship may not last long.

  24. Ernest Jakes says:

    Let’s cull Zillow!

  25. Ernest Jakes says:

    Let’s cull Zillow it is only our strategy to do so.

  26. Tom Turner says:

    Interesting what they are doing to this market. You can be a Premier Agent for a monthly fee – don't even have to ever sell a house! I used to advertise on both Zillow and Trulia -with much better results on Trulia (and lower fees). Since the merger, I have been getting even worse results with Zillow and have cancelled all my Zollow contracts but one, which expires in about 2 months. Their fees are already outreageous, and the quality of the leads has dropped dramatically. Over the years I developed a very good "system" for handling internet leads, and used to do a 5.4% conversion rate on Zillow and 7.2% on Trulia – that tracked out to about $100k commissions on a $20k investment annually.. Since the merger, my conversion rate has dropped to less than 3% – and I am doing nothing different – and the return has dropped to less than half of what it was prior to the merger. So goodbye, Zillow. Keep pitching all your "value" to those new agents, who will just be a constant turn-over as the yspend money they do not recoup.

  27. 1. Their Zestimate of being responsible for $3 billion of commission is about as accurate as their home values.
    2. They are not "culling" as they will promote any warm body with a checkbook as a Premier agent.
    3. How many years are they going to be able to sustain losses? From this post, sounds like they took a beating in 2014, 2015 and are expecting another one in 2016.
    3. Love the discussion this has started.
    4. News Flash: Agents DO want to spend money on advertising, especially on their listings. With the death of print ads, we are all searching for effective ways to promote our product to the public. When a company can rise to this challenge, they will overtake the market. Selling "zip codes" is not what we are looking for…exposure for our listings to the public is.
    3. Love the discussion this has started.N

  28. Phil Amodeo says:

    I'm not sure – just going by Daniel's observations. Since Zillow and Trulia allow FSBO's to enter "listings" of homes for sale or rent, I'm sure those people enter their info, or there would be no way for anybody to contact them, except by email. This is worth pursuing.

  29. Kristen Dailey
    It is allowed. I have done it. Every listing agents contact info is on each Zillow listing. They are the "first" agent on top. But the business model is based on potential buyers filling out the form and Zillow then sends that to the agents who are paying to be there. Usually 3 of them below the listing agent. If you want to contact the listing agent directly, you have to take an extra step and check their name. By default, they check the paid advertisers first. Also, Zillows entire model would fall through if agents realized they could simply put their contact info in the description then buyers would have a clear contact person, and less likely to fill out the form, sending their info to the paid advertisers. Most buyers who fill out the form don't know or care if they are contacting listing agent or not. They either simply want to see the house or get info on it.

  30. Tom Turner says:

    Been there, done that on Zillow. The return has dropped off dramatically since the merger. Even dominating a zip code, which I have done, doesn't get a 4x ROI any more. The churn is becasue the return is not there, and agents smart enough to track Zillow performance figure it out pretty quickly – and drop their Zillow contracts. I am in the #1 Keller Williams office in the country, in Charlotte. We have over 450 agents and a lot of teams, etc. None of the teams or successful agents use Zillow any more – guess we all figured out we ddin't need to spend money on them.

  31. Phil Amodeo I believe if you created a Zillow listing first, it would essentially create two listings once the feed is pulled from the MLS. In the past when I have added my info to the Zillow feed, it didn't change and it doesn't affect the MLS listing.

  32. Joyce Greener says:

    Why pay for leads that you would get anyways if someone is interested in your listing. It is so annoying that Zillow gets their nose in the way of a customer just contacting me because they want to see the house. And yes, if you pay the BIG bucks you get the lead – which I feel they should have never gotten in the first place. Where does this road end. You got a middle man who should not even be there. I just wanted to say. Everyone has their hand out and want a piece of the pie.

  33. Jerry A Cook says:

    The fog of uncertainty is being lifted off of Zillow…. Agents are seeing the return on thier investment in Zillow marketing for what it is. A waste of money. Prospect loyalty is zero with zillow leads. Agents have learned this over years of trying to make it work.
    So Zillow's solution? Screw the agents AGAIN! Is there a work around? Yes. But if I told you, they would know what I do, and close the loophole!

  34. Chris Mager says:

    Except if Zillow finds out they will deactivate your profile. They are threatening me with that right now.

  35. Phil Amodeo It's much easier to let MLS feed into Trulia/Zillow then change the comments. If you are a KW agent, you can intercept the MLS feet using KWLS software and rebrand your images and comments which will be fed to all of the 'Zillow' style websites.

  36. Chris Mager Interesting. They are threatening based on what rule? Is there something in their terms and conditions? Recently our MLS fought to have the listing agent as the top picture on our listings. If they deactivate the listing, who would go there?

  37. I mean "account" not "listing"

  38. What I don't think is spoken about I feel many real estate agents are tired of buying back our own leads, fighting will these websites avm's that are never right, even when it's is the same company. One site says one thing and another says a different amount. Going back to what is not spoken here is the push in marketing by Move to get back market share has caused many agents to look to them for advertising. So it is not Zillow picking the best agents. It is agents going to the best leads and Zillow has to raise prices because they can not get as many agents to work with them.

  39. Zach Zaleski says:

    Chris Mager
    I think it is really go to take us all to stand up as one. If they turn off everyone's profile they will have no leads to sell.

  40. Trina says:

    I work Zillow and get a lot of good business. It more then pays for itself. If I pay a little more and get more exposure because there are less agents, all the better for me! Buyers will not stop shopping the sight and I wont stop paying to get them!

  41. Zillow feeds from the MLS so if you manually input into Zillow, then input into the MLS the data should get updated.

  42. I get a huge return on my money. I love buyers and this has been the number 1 best way to get them. Its a win win. I write off the marketing and get a huge ROI

  43. Steven Walczak says:

    Wow, the bashing of Zillow. I love Zillow. I love the exposure it gives my company. My return on investment is about 3 to 1 every month. However, what Real Estate comes down to is more than just internet leads. It comes down to motion creates emotion. Get off your butt and let people know what you do for a living. Look at Zillow as a tool for success. Zillow just may not be the right fit for most but is good for others. I will agree that at some point the investment in Zillow may not equal my company’s return. If that happens changes will be made on our marketing dollars. For now.. I’m satisfied with the results.

  44. Zillow is going to learn a valuable lesson is economics and supply and demand. Raises prices, is just like raising taxes, it works for a while, but will fail in the end. I will gladly watch Zillow fail and lose money over time.

  45. Gail DeMarco says:

    Any one have any ideas on how to get out of my contract? They suckered me in and want to charge me 2 months to cancel. The leads have been horrible!!! I’ve been doing it for 4 months and I’m paying too much!

  46. Tere Rice says:

    Wow I have met Mr. Rascoff and watched many of his interviews like the one with Mr, Obama. I also read faces and I can tell you Mr. Rascoff is scared and lying!!

  47. Ruth Siegel says:

    Amusing that the reason for Zillow's success has been "the agent". Realtor.Com could use this to their advantage by welcoming "culled agents" with specials,promotions, and inticements. Competition always works for us all. Plus, I've always thought their opinion of values were bogus.

    Ruth Siegel,Broker Associate (40 plus years in the business) Berkshire Hathaway

  48. Jane Kenedy says:

    Those of you who are MLS members should have the option of opting out of the syndication of your listings. Your local MLS may not even be familiar with your ability to opt out and you may have to push the issue to do so. If you choose not to allow your listings to be on IDX syndicated websites or Zillow or Trulia, you may not display other agents’ listings on your website. You can, however, allow your listing to be displayed on a website of your choosing such as Realtor.com. I have long been frustrated by agents advertisements claiming knowledge of my clients’ listing information when they often had none and often displaying stale/inaccurate information. I have had clients want all photos of their new home removed from all websites after escrow closed. An impossibility when a listing has been syndicated.
    As an independent broker, owner of my business and able to choose how I market my listings, I have chosen to opt out of syndication to IDX websites EXCEPT for Realtor.Com.
    Joey Hayden is correct….if you are frustrated with current syndication policies, start a discussion…..you do have options.

    1. Rick Kesseler says:

      Jane I hope you realize that News Corp bought Realtor.com by buying Move Inc. News Corp will eventually be doing the same thing as Zillow. Murdock and Company know how to make money if nothing else.

  49. Chris Miller says:

    Zillow has done lost their dang mind. lol. Good agents? More like larger agents that charge their flunky buyers agents 40+% of their commissions to hand off the leads they generate from Zillow and other places. What a joke.

  50. Tom Turner while I won't disagree with the Trulia effect (being forced to buy Trulia zips to preserve Zillow zips) causing a reduction in ROI it is still cost effective for us (Premier Agent Assist makes all the difference though). It is our #1 income source with referrals #2 and google #3. Zillow makes up 1/3, referrals and google 1/3 and 1/3 all the rest. We are the biggest premier agent in the Clear Lake area of Houston and Zillow helped us get to be the #17 RE/MAX team in TX for 2015. We have lots of relocation going on for the oil companies, NASA, and medical so I'm sure that makes a difference too.

  51. Zillow ROCKS. If you can't afford to pay. Then don't play. My return on investment is 3 to 1. Its a great way to promote myself and my company. If Zillow charges more to the few to remove the many that's the way it goes. What works best is to track where your marketing dollars are spent. If Zillow doesn't work for you then just move on. However, I can't believe I'm the only one out of all of these comments that doesn't stick up for Zillow…

  52. You guys are the best! Zillow sucks!!!

  53. There is always Trulia.

  54. I just increased my Zillow advertising by 100% by co-marketing with a lender. First I was charged about $250 for the remaining days of January. When I asked my Zillow sales agent what my next bill would be, he told me $515.00, which was half of $1,030. My first bill was $807.24, not the $515.00 as I was quoted by sales rep Steven Reaza. When I called Steven about it, he told me that he actually didn't understand the Zillow billing guidelines. So I asked to speak with Steven's supervisor Matt Mason. Matt told me they just made some changes to their billing terms and conditions, and Steven wasn't aware of those changes when I spoke with him. Matt said he would see what he could do to help me with the extra $300 they charged my credit card a couple of weeks ago. That was last week. I called Matt yesterday and he still hasn't returned my call.

    I'm going to write a blog post on my zillow hosted web site with the above video embedded. I figure as long as I'm current on all my fees, I can do what I want with my web site under the first amendment.

  55. The only reason that Godzillow exist is on the back of Realtors and it BLOWS my mind why these few agents that have more money than sense are stilll allowing this monster to eat them…one bite at a time….. and they want more….. All the while this monster is openly moving forward with eliminating all of us..Realtors, Title Companies and Mortgage Lenders.. I for one am not going to let this happen and if a few hundred thousand of my fellow agents and brokers would jump on the " kill zillow bandwagon", it would happen! When you cut the blood flow off, the leaches die! Like my mother said to me once upon a time… Boy, I brought you in this world and I can take you out!!

  56. Joan Capria says:

    Zillow owns Trulia

  57. While this may help Zillow Group in the very short term, I see three things that will happen in the long term which will backfire on them:

    1) Agents in a brokerage will combine forces such as adding sold homes to a more experienced agent's profile and this agent will advertise and provide referrals to the other agents. This will at least allow the newer agents to be able to rank and have a "fair" chance at a decent Ad ranking.

    2) New agents will not advertise with Zillow Group because it will be too expensive and those new agents that try to advertise with them will see ZERO results for a heafty investment. This equates to destroying the ability for Zillow Group to recruit new customers down the road.

    3) Agents which do not Advertize with Zillow Group will stop allowing syndication of their listings to the Zillow Group properties. Brokers will learn there is absolutely no benefit in sharing these listings so Zillow Group can use them as consumer bait to earn more money in selling Ads next to the listings than the Brokers earn in comissions on their own listings.

  58. Phil Amodeo I opt out of syndication through the MLS and then I enter the listings manually on the big 3 real estate sites. I also add a grphic with my agent and brokerage info to the photos before I upload them to the big 3, which is not permitted on the MLS. That way anyone who's browsing the photos on the big 3 clearly understands who the listing agent is and can answer questions on the property beyond the MLS data sheet.

  59. I've personally found much better success with realtor.com. The leads they bring in seem be better qualified leads vs Zillow/Trilua.

  60. I commend Zillow for stepping up and working with experienced agents. These agents are what make Zillow Zillow. I would want my partners to be the best of the best and weeding out agents who don't want to invest in their business by raising prices is a good solid way to eliminate these so called realtors. Zillow customers should be guided to the best available agents in their area period.

  61. Bob Haywood says:

    How much do you spend each month if you don't mind me asking?

  62. You make the point yourself, 3-1 return, that means you are paying Zillow a 25% split, after you pay all your other transaction fees and broker split if you have one…whatvarevyou left with for YOUR hard work? Stop giving it away.

  63. Approximately $2,200 a month.

  64. Its one of the tools in my tool box. I'm not giving away anything. It's one of my marketing channels that provides each and every month consistently. I have found Zillow to be a great addition to our company's marketing. Again, Zillow isn't for everyone. However, it works great for us.

  65. Also as for Realtor.com I spend $$$ each month promoting my listings. I never tried their buyer lead programs. I will have to do some research in that.

  66. Nobody is commenting on the fact that Zillow has the worst customer service I have ever experienced! 21 year old kids thinking they know everything and trying to sell me something with a bad attitude, I'll never use them.

  67. Hate the fact that Zillow is making a buck from my listings that I worked hard to get.

  68. Just shut off their feed!!!! It is really quit simple. No data feed no Zillow….I don't understand why realtors are so thick headed about this…with IDX who needs zillow

  69. My Compliance Dept. has concerns about Zillow.

  70. Sunday Gover says:

    Agents don't give Zillow any more data entry period. Don't feed the monster with more data entry, coming from you directly. Let them have flawed data so consumers get sick of their pretend leads.

  71. So you use IDX on your website? Are you capturing leads of other brokers listings? Should I assume you are sending those leads over to the listing agent of those properties? If you are converting those leads aren't you just doing the same thing Zillow is doing?

  72. Jane Kennedy says:

    Thanks for bringing News Corp and Realtor.com into the discussion.
    Yes, I know that News Corp bought Realtor.com by buying Move Inc.
    And yes, News Corp has the potential to do the same thing as Zillow….it remains to be seen.
    At the time of the sale to News Corp, NAR had only a small percentage of ownership interest in Move Inc. NAR owns the domain name Realtor.com. As long as NAR owned a small % of Move Inc. NAR had standing with the board, attended meetings & had a say in the operations of Realtor.com. Now that NAR has no % interest in Move Inc. there is less control by NAR.
    Since the Realtor.com domain name continues to be owned by NAR there is some control about what can & cannot appear on Realtor.com. There are no FSBO listings on Realtor.com.
    My contact information is available as the listing broker at the top and bottom of my listings without my paying anything to Realtor.com.
    Buyers associate Realtor.com with REALTORS who supply Realtor.com.
    My listing information is accurate & has timely information instead of the incorrect, duplicate, sales information on Zillow.
    I allow Realtor.com to show my listings on their website when & if my clients feel the need to increase exposure beyond my local MLS and co-operating MLS services used by other Realtors.
    NAR is not financially able to fight the big “tech guys” on their own. News Corp is definitely a big “tech guy” capable of dealing with Zillow. For now, News Corp ownership of Realtor.com has the potential to benefit REALTORS & clients as long as the domain name remains in the hands of NAR.

  73. John Bacon says:

    Keller Williams just announced that it negotiated that their agents contact information will be at the top next to the property if it's a KW listing… with 130,000 agents and growing, the KW motto of Your Listing, Your Lead is holding true… thank you KW Management!!

  74. Thank goodness for Keller Williams' philosophy of My Listings/My Leads. I am featured on my own listings which is as it should be.

  75. Mark Person says:

    3:1 would be like giving 33% away, no? Either way a bit expensive but if it works for your model…

  76. I love how everyone is thinking I'm giving away too much. Real simple if you have nothing. But someone gives you three dollars and you give one back that still gives you two dollars. It's called marketing. So, if you spend $2,000 a month and you make $6,000 then you are up $4,000. Not to mention free leads from referrals at times. Plus, possibly a client for life. Like I said before. Please, if Zillow isn't for you then don't join. I'm just going to grab more market share. I'll be thinking about all of the realtors tomorrow when I close my Zillow lead and grab a new listing. Please everyone don't join Zillow. You're doing me a favor. The cool thing is Zillow helped my company grow. Last year it was a combination of hustle, follow up, and Zillow/ / Trulia that helped my numbers double in units closed and volume. This year it will continue to grow again. Plus, thanks Zillow for also helping me land my first commercial close in December and my next one in March. Wait, my phone is ringing. It's my Zillow Rep…. "Why, yes I'll take another 15 percent market share in that zip code"

    Hear that. The Microphone just dropped. Thank you and have a good night.

  77. Taking the playbook from big politics. Where does the little guy or the new agent fit into their marketing strategy?
    Oh, they don't. Growth you said?

  78. Jarl Kubat says:

    This could all be stopped if our local association boards quit selling our leads to these web sites. If our boards don't do this – all real estate agents will eventually be employees of Zillow, Realtor.com etc… It is time to start our own local co-op Real Estate offices and market our own local market. Believe me Zillow & Realtor,com have or could come up with enough money to open virtual offices for every city in America. Stop the non-sense and pressure your local boards to stop selling our listings for income.

  79. Sarah Knapik says:

    Trina Daniels what is your ROI percentage?

  80. Maria Dailey says:

    We as" Realtors" have made mistakes that created this ludicrious cycle with these "wanna be " listing companies.

    I joined in 1975 and became a Realtor in Ohio and benefitted from my membership; moved to NY in 80 and immediately transferred my membership to NY (local, state and national).

    A few years later, the commercial members started to drop to create their "own mls"; big mistake! Lost paying members to our boards and mls. The co-brokes became ridiculous because of lack of membership and follow up of COE by commercial members!

    Try finding out what you will be paid if you co-broke, etc. they do not publish the info in mls that the COE states we must.

    Our board leadership then decided to let our memberhip mls go to another corporation; then whatever was worked out, went south. Now everybody wants to jump on board these fake mls companies, who get their inventory information from our own membership and want us to pay for services we are already entitle to!

    I say, get rid of all of them and restart our own membership owned service within house and "clean house"!! Maria E. Dailey, Broker, Realtor, CRB, GRI, ABR, ePro

  81. Maria Dailey says:

    Oh yes, I guess IDX sort of opened the door to this. Realtor.Com should be our affiliate mls and we should continue to protect and own that as Realtors. (sorry don' have the trademark)

  82. I don't like the fact that Zillow deverts my buyer leads to other agents. I shouldn't have to buy leads for my listings!!! It's disgraceful!

  83. Neil Case says:

    Who wants to work with a "lead" that doesnt know you, doesnt seem to put in value in a realtor and will almost certainly never bring you any additional business? Woo Hoo! That's called a meat grinder revolving door and when that little putt putt runs out of gas you'll be left wondering what to do in order to generate actual organic business. Brian Buffini was dead on right. You can either be pay to play puppet or you can choose to be a relationship realtor and create advocates who do all your marketing for you. I've received 4 referrals in the past week. Didn't pay for them, didn't solicit for them. And those four will multiply into 16. I just focus on meeting the clients needs (not mine) and the rest just comes to you.

  84. Neil Case says:

    Steven Walczak – Remember Expedia? They started by selling "extra" rooms. Slowly the hotels stopped doing their own marketing and began to rely soley on Expedia. Now Expedia and its 30 plus subsidiaries dictate to the hotels what they can charge. That's where Zillow will take you my friend. It's coming. I guarantee you. I assume you know Richard Barton founded Expedia and then Zillow? Agents like YOU don't respect what the real essence of a realtor is. You see yourself as a commodity being sold to the highest bidder just like Zillow does to you. But guess what? Real estate is just far too emotional and complicated for the average seller/buyer to risk going it with a commodity realtor. There will be two types of us left soon. The REAL realtor who grows their business organically and the "hooked on Zillow crack" realtor who will be a puppet to their plans.

  85. Neil Case says:

    And that attitude my friend is called "commoditizing". I don't know about you but I don't want to be considered a commodity like something you order on Amazon.com. Maybe it works for the "really good" realtors that Zillow is seeking. But as for me. I plan to grow my business organically based on meeting the needs of my clients. And then I let them do my marketing for me. That's not a commodity. That's a business model for a real realtor. I have no desire to work with leads that don't know me and dont give a hoot how I am any different then another nameless face. Very sad to see so many in our own business who think of themselves and the industry as a whole as something with no differentiation.

  86. Neil Case says:

    Very sad to see so many in our industry who believe that a Realtor is a commodity like something you order on Amazon.com. What do you expect the public to think of us if you don't have any respect for your own profession? What message are you sending to a "lead" when your business model is built on how much you paid to get their phone number? Go ahead and get hooked on Zillow's crack. Then when somebody with deeper pockets or who is even farther out in left field comes along and outbids you and takes your candy then what? You go back to being security guard that the mall.

  87. Obviously, you didn't read my whole response. Zillow is just one of the tools I use in order to grow my business. Don't worry my hustle and meeting with buyers and sellers through word of mouth, networking, and just plain hustle. (Doing the things other lazy Realtors wouldn't do) is moving my business in the right direction. My phone doesn't ring everyday with Zillow leads but usually when it does ring it brings opportunity that I'm willing to pay for. To say I don't respect the craft of Real Estate is absurd. Just like you. I'm currently putting in a listing to MLS that came out of hustle. I just Sold a home in less than a day that the seller came from hustle nothing to do with Zillow. However, I'm not going to pull the plug on a lead source that continues to provide my company a positive ROI. Call it what you like. Think what you like. If Zillow isn't a great fit for you then don't use it. But, don't think for one minute that I don't know how strong other marketing relationships can be. Just read my reviews on ZILLOW. Plus, this is my last response regarding this topic. All you non-Zillow users just continue to think you are right. Keep doing what you are doing. I wish all of you the best. Wait, there goes my phone again. It's my Zillow Rep. Yes, I'll take 15% market share in Neil's territory. My pleasure.

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