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Zillow Presses Further into Real Estate Sales



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"Zillow Presses Further into Real Estate Sales"

  1. Harold says:

    I’ve been asking this question for over 15 years. Agents gain little to nothing by aligning with Zillow. More back room deal making at the expense of those who do the real work.

    Btw, I’ve been forced to pay these idiots but have never even met anyone working for CAR or NAR. They live off the fees agents are forced to pay and have not a care about the daily grind of agents and lo’s.

    This model is shaping up to be the same as what you see between rideshare drivers and their corporate handlers that probably don’t even own a car.

    Does no one recognize evil marching through their door anymore?

    Wake up!

  2. Brandon Gilbert says:

    The MLS i work with allows agents to not syndicate their listing to the “internet” aka Zillow, Realtor.com so they have an option to turn the flow off. It should be a more granular option so that brokerages and agents dont have to then turn around and create new feeds to only those internet sources ( personal websites, brokerage websites etc..) to get the visibility they want on the internet. The majority of agents dont understand that its their local MLS’s that have given the access “by default” to these guys for the $$$$ under the disguise that the MLS is making it easy to get your listing out to the digital world.


    Richard Barton, Chairman of Board at Zillow previously stated he plans on doing to REALTORS what he did to travel agents when he operated EXPEDIA. NAR is effectively crippled in this concern for two reasons: 1) anti trust concerns; 2) the dominant brokers in these markets are cooperating with Zillow and these brokers and their agents make up NAR. It’s NAR’s membership eating its’ own using the mad scientists at Zillow to control whatever remains.

  4. Demas Lamas says:

    Did you catch that “cash” or “Premier Agent”…does that mean if you don’t do deal for cash, they’ll refer you to one of their “Premier Agents”? And does Zillow collect referrral fee from Premier Agent?

  5. Mark says:

    Sounds like RE Agents are following the path of the appraisers. No organizational structure to fight back as they watch their fees go to someone else.

  6. So does Zillow have a Broker license?? How do they get away with this with State laws? Zillow is a real threat.

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