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Zillow Mortgage Gets Underway



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"Zillow Mortgage Gets Underway"

  1. Leigh Anne Losh says:

    So… if Zillow acquires a mortgage department, and we Realtors are paying for leads, wouldn’t that then violate RESPA? Granted the CFPB is not going to be the police agency it has been in the past, but I could see some potential for legal issues here

  2. Scott Johnson says:

    While I agree technology is streamlining the process, but as an industry the process itself is the same as it was in 1989. Originate, process/underwrite, close. Companies are adding marketing people, which I believe to be key in going forward, to help reach more consumers, but all that does is add to the cost per loan in a market of compressing margins. So, doesn’t that lead to little guys getting out of the business or are some of the little guys even farther ahead of the game? Maybe a hybrid Marketing/Processor is the new norm. VOE and a 4506t and away you go. Systems help the LO order appraisals, title and payoffs, but do they set up CRM marketing, social media marketing and past customer data drips? NOPE…LO has to and we know most of them are tech handicapped. New system and a new process. Who’s going to be first?

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