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So Zillow is offering anyone or any team $1 million to fix their Zestimate issue.  Are you good a programming??



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"Zillow Offers Anyone $1Million to Fix Zestimate Issue"

  1. Geoff says:

    I think that once the home goes into MLS, the Zesstimate should be removed. Just a thought.

  2. Mike Peerless says:

    Maybe Zillow should stop displaying a zestimate once a property is listed for sale?

  3. Gerald Bliss says:

    So, when should we see a lawsuit from someone suing Kelley Blue Book for estimating car values? Here’s my solution for the $1 million dollar price. Zillow can add a low, medium, and high (wholesale, retail, list) price on their Zestimates to show that there can be variances when you get an actual appraisal performed by a licensed appraiser. Plus, square footage and location aren’t the only deciding factor when it comes to home values.

  4. Jon Baker says:

    I like to compare Zillow.com and Redfin.com estimates before I list a home and a couple of hours after it is live in MLS. Last month the estimates before I listed a house were $60k apart on a $300k listing—20%!!! Frequently after I list, the value estimate changes significantly, especially with Redfin. Try it. Then of course you have appraisers who can pinpoint the value within $1000.00.. What a racket. Difference between appraisers and God? God doesn’t think he’s an appraiser.

  5. Rene Lukes says:

    What about the fact that in a non-disclosure state like Texas, the actual sold price is not given out to Zillow no matter how many times they send us requests to send it to them. They then base their numbers on some formula and only have the Appraisal Tax district valuation for properties. I have yet to see one in our area even close. Too bad Realtor.com did not do a better job of selling itself years ago.

    1. Rick Kesseler says:

      Ask News Corp about Realtor.com they love the price they paid for it!

  6. Divedude says:

    Zillow has always been a disservice to the consumer. I can’t wait to see the lawsuits when they list properties with information provided by the homeowner. Inaccurate GLA, room counts and flat out misrepresentation. A lot of the realtors and town offices don’t even get it right.

  7. Ed Hoffman says:

    You guys over simplify and getting on board with a bunch of slimy “class action” lawyers’ proves your ignorance.

    From what I see:

    1) a zestimate is not represented to be your actual value.
    2) in housing tracts zestimates are mare accurate than in custom house areas obviously.
    3) sometimes zestimates show higher than actual values, just as the Often as when they are low.
    4) new home builders quite often run into appraisal issues when starting a new development in a new area.
    5) realtors and lenders make significantly more money without the requirement of a college degree not because its so hard to get a license, but instead because lending and marketing and selling real estate its a tricky art to master

    If you bought the unqualified BS on this show you are a rookie, because us seasoned professionals know that Zillow is a tool nothing more.

    I suggest NOT sharing this show with anyone just makes us all look stupid. BRIAN and Frank know better, (I hope)

  8. Mike Bersie says:

    The data coming out is only as good as the date going in.

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