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Zillow Lays it ALL on the Line




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"Zillow Lays it ALL on the Line"

  1. Joe Bayer says:

    As a lender, we’re in the real estate industry. As a business partner to agents, it’s our responsibility to share information. Just like it’s the real estate agents job to do the same with us. I can’t believe lenders are upset about you speaking directly to agents these past few weeks. Because, in all reality, you’re speaking to us as well. Geez people, lighten up!

  2. Jan mcnulty says:

    Start it rolling. We need to cut off zillow. This is a threat to the future of Realty.

  3. Ann smith says:

    NAR has sat on their buts for years, doesn’t want to confront powerful organizations like Zillow or the Government. There is power in numbers, but most seem to present gain for future pain. Agents depend on others to do the lead generation ie Zillow. So sad.

  4. Divedude says:

    I nominate Frank for President of NAR!

  5. Midlife says:

    Sweet midlife crisis tattoos. Nothing cooler than a 50 year old getting inked up

  6. Linda Lonay says:

    Break ’em up : Zillow, Amazon, Facebook…. re: NAR’s aversion to confrontation: wise legal advice : lawsuits prohibitively expensive: politicians (and Judges) pander to more-numerous tenant votes and tenant plights : NAR doesn’t need controversy – they need to preserve the few open doors in Washington DC they have : glad they’re not climbing into the ring….federal Anti-Trust laws enforcement needed

  7. Richard Park says:

    The individual brokerages not the MLS determines whether the data goes to Zillow.

    Zillow can say what they want to do, but if agents quit participating, they are in a pile of poop.

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