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The Move/Zillow lawsuit is heating up and now Move is claiming about $2 Billion in damages.  If Move were to win, what would that mean to your premiere agent fees with Zillow?



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"Zillow Facing $2 Billion Lawsuit"

  1. John Hybl says:

    on side of Move/NAR/Murdoch

  2. Joe Jacobs says:

    zillow is a joke anyway and needs to go away

  3. Rob Aubrey says:

    I sat in a meeting with Beardsley while at NAR telling us about the evil empire Z, a week later he was employed at Z. THey were stealing from the NAR all along.

  4. Pat Musto says:

    Guys…you do a good job with topical industry news, are funny, but you need to keep your political leanings out of the equation. Last week you were espousing the need for LO's to not take proprietary information when they leave, but for the Zillow/Move deal it is ok?

  5. "Belief in leads" = "The Impossible Dream"

  6. The buyers and sellers were better represented by true professional Brokers and Agents before the dawn of Zillow & Trulia. When you can buy your "expert" status you should expect to be disappointed.

  7. Leigh York says:

    I get that Zillow has the money but shouldn't we (NAR) be suing Erol Samuelson? I'm guessing he is the one who broke a contract. Zillow has no obligation to NAR but Samuelson would have. Am I missing something?

  8. Bear Varine says:

    Love, love, love this blog.

  9. Robb says:

    Frankly as a Realtor I’m tired of paying a ton of fees to bring listing information to the public only to have Zillow and Trulia take the information I paid to create and sell it back to me. This is something that should have been stopped long ago. In fact NAR attempted to tell Zillow they would no longer provide our information to them and it was Zillow that sued NAR forcing NAR to continue providing the information that rightfully belongs to its members to Zillow. If Zillow wants my listing they should pay me for my listing not the other way around. I hope Zillow loses this law suit. They are not entitled to the information they have forced Realtors to provide them with. It’s time they learned that.

    1. Bill Balcer says:

      I agree 100%. NAR should own a site like Realtor.com on our behalf. Zillow is really bad. I could write a book on the bad experiences I’ve had with Zillow. Our job is to get listings. It’s our hard work. No one other than brokers and agents should have control. They take our listings and resell the leads to anyone who will pay for the lead and if you don’t pay…no leads. It’s a scam.

  10. Mark Luker says:

    Amazing how you thought the whole, and I mean whole Grease scenario through. Even more amazing is it fits perfectly. Kudos to udos on special effects.

  11. Terry Day says:

    I use Zillow and Realtor.com. The service level is 100% BETTER at Zillow. I have had 3 reps during my time there and only do to promotion. At Realtor.com the rep turn over is HUGE and the service follow up is lacking at best. The other thing that Zillow is doing better in Arizona is the accuracy of the homes on there site is really strong. NAR and Realtor.com need to spend their time and money upgrading their platform and service. Zillow continues to improve and they are setting themselves apart.

  12. Like to see them both go away agents paying to get leads on their own listings. Not real smart folks

  13. Maria Powers says:

    I non-renewed my Web page which I had since Year1 because of Murdoch’s purchase. Didn’t hurt my decision making process that for a few years I got zero leads from it. All I get are people at open houses from these Internet sites.
    I also want to pull the plug on Zillow and the other websites from taking my listing and putting I there agent’s names on them.

    1. Jane Kennedy says:

      Talk to your Responsible Broker and/or your local MLS/Board of Realtors. You should be able to opt out of syndicating your listings to websites or pick and choose websites that you want your listings syndicated to. You can also opt out of IDX which gives you complete control of your listings and what websites they appear on. Be aware that opting out of IDX means that you can no longer advertise other agents’ listings on your website.
      The brokerage you work for may have their own policies preventing you from withholding your listings from syndication. Your MLS may not even be aware that opting out is a possibility.
      If you feel strongly about maintaining control of your client’s listing data, security and accuracy, you do have options.

  14. Rob Aubrey says:

    THat's kind of simialr to busting the guy selling dope on the corner, remove him and the real problem will replace them with another.

    The problem is higher up

  15. Scott said it well!

  16. Randy King says:

    Did someone actually use the words “Zillow” and “Accuracy” in the same sentence? I really hate having to do a ton of proof back to a potential client about the real value of their property after Zillow has come up with some crazy value. Google “Zillow Hitler” for a fun video that says it all.

  17. Dale Clift says:

    Zillow has NEVER been interested in the agent….They are a media company…. Starting with ZESTIMATE they have caused Realtors tremdous heartburn over the years…. they were the first to work with FSBO's etc…always after the $$$ …. at least Move pretends to have the agents best interest…

  18. John Peter says:

    What a stupidissue to raise regardinganyone being bothered by whoever owns a company. Clearly you have an agenda becuase its a non question

  19. I LOVE your show!!! Can you say monopoly? That is what I thought when Zillow bought Trulia. But the fact is they are just tapping into a vast market that we Realtors and Realtor.com and other real estate listing websites have been lazy and compliacent about for years. There are others out there, but the fact is they have the publics attention. You can't play armchair quarterback and complain if someone else makes a living off your listings if you aren't willing to go the extra mile and market them. I DO NOT pay Zillow to do what they are al ready doing. If other Realtors want to pay for the privilege of advertizing when they ALREADY get it for free — so be it.

    One day maybe BROKERS and their Real Estate Associations will wake up — as the true OWNERS of this information we GIVE Zillow and the rest and start charging THEM….isn't that how business is suppose to work????

  20. Lisa Miller-Hobbs says:

    I believe Zillow should not be able to profit from selling a lead system based off listings that belong to members of local associations. Zillow should also be sued for providing false information to the public based upon it’s Zestimate crap analysis. NAR,all state and local realtor associations have responsibility to their membership and need to put an end allowing broker owned assets to be given away for free to Zillow and other companies like them. Maybe the agents and brokers need to be compensated directly for the right to advertise the listing on any platform. Could be time to change the entire real estate model.

  21. John Sorensen says:

    The book “Killing Real Estate” would actually be called “The Rise of the CFPB”

  22. Let's be clear, NAR is becoming more concerned about protecting its own interests than that of agents or consumers with this lawsuit. By allowing any agent to come into the business and then not defend the Code of Ethics means that more and more consumers will eventually make a decision to self educate and not see value in the Realtor brand (oh well, as long as we are paying dues who cares right?). Zillow wouldn't exist if we had a value proposition that was better. If we aren't about great service and value which is what many consumers can't seem to recognize, what's the point? If all we are known for is suing and protecting our own interests (nothing wrong with that of course) then it will have reprecussions on our future viability. I'd rather beat the Zillow's and Trulia's at their own game, expose them for what they are, and make Realtor like having a JD or MD. If we don't, I'd be surprised if we don't go the way of insurance, something that's just sold over the internet or through a bank branch, and supporting services as needed by an appraiser or lawyer (service on demand rather than service by full brokerage fee). This election year may also usher in the mortgage interest deduction being removed, which it probably should be. It's no different than a subsidy for anything else. Yet even though it's probably best for our country/consumer, NAR has always stood to defend the deduction.

  23. Guys I love ya but your spending way to much time in the Peoples Republic of California smoking that medicinal marijuana. They are making money on our listings, I have never been asked my permission or to see a check.

  24. Gary Keller feels strongly if they are our listings they should be our leads. Giving these leads to Trulia and Zillow and then having to buy them back is wrong. And as long as agents buy into this, we are hurting our own industry.

  25. Carolyn West says:

    I hate Realtor.com they charge thousands of dollars to get all 25 photos of our properties on their site with a promise for personal promotion. They got their money then took away the personal promotion. Sellers want all 25 photos of their property showcase on Move/Realtor.com, not 4 that Realtor.com will post if you don't buy into their scam. WHAT A RIP OFF!! At least Zillow will allow us to advertise our listings for free with all photos.

  26. So you really think that Zillow didn't know what they were doing when they accepted the trade secrets that Erol Samuelson was offering .. for real?

  27. Leigh York says:

    Veronica Hicks Of course they knew. But, they have no obligation not to accept them. Samuelson had a legal obligation via employment contract not to share them.

  28. Jay Cascio says:

    Zillow exploits Realtors. Zillow is not a Realtor. Zillow is marketing to Realtors who pay to advertise themselves on other Realtor's listings. Zillow is in violation of the law. Zillow is profiteering on the national commercialization of local professionals. Zillow is causing consumer confusion, infringing intellectual property rights and is guilty of consumer confusion. The fundamental purpose of property rights, and their fundamental accomplishment, is that they eliminate destructive competition for control of economic resources. I have sued Zillow 3 times. Everyone should sue them!

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