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Zillow Continues to Move Across the Country Buying and Selling Homes



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"Zillow Continues to Move Across the Country Buying and Selling Homes"

  1. steven shull says:

    Contacted my association board of directors because zillow is trying to get a direct feed from our MLS, only one of them really cares… all the others kick the can down the road.

    Thanks guys, I have shared the video.

    1. REOREALTOR1 says:

      I believe Zillow already has a direct feed from your MLS. YOU can control it by unchecking the MLS feeds when inputting your listing. I uncheck for the first several weeks giving me more opportunity to market my own and fix any errors on my listing before it’s splattered all over the web. On my mls it’s the last input page.

  2. Wayne Teas says:

    Cordray defeated !

  3. Leo Linn says:

    Whats with the black shirts? Work well with the Green Screen????

    1. Grant Stevens says:

      just a look

  4. BobH says:

    Good to see some justice out there. Zillow stock crushed today after bad earnings report – down 26% in 1 day! If agents and lenders out there can stop sending them listings, perhaps we can finish them off for good. Too bad I didn’t buy put options on the stock prior to earnings – could have been a massive payoff.

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