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Zillow and Keller Together?



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"Zillow and Keller Together?"

  1. Eve Holder says:

    Guys, I have watched NREP for a LONG time and I am absolutely stunned by the total misrepresentation of Keller Williams and Gary Keller here! WHAT are you TALKING about!? The following are links to the Laughton Group info. I looked them up on the Arizona Department of Real Estate web page. I don’t see where they have EVER worked for Keller Williams! I respectfully understand that you might be threatened by the positions GK is taking to protect the agents of KW; but this video is blatantly false.
    Laughton website (note their partnership with “My Home Group”) – http://laughtonteam.com/
    My Home Group – https://myhomegroup.com/
    Arizona Dept of Real Estate showing George Laughton’s licensing history (no KW) – https://services.azre.gov/publicdatabase/DetailIndividual.aspx?id=195461
    Arizona Dept of Real Estate showing Jennifer Laughton’s licensing history (no KW) – https://services.azre.gov/publicdatabase/DetailIndividual.aspx?id=199966

    I hope to see a follow up to this video either explaining this discrepancy or retracting it altogether.

  2. Jonas Stomberg says:

    This is silly. The agents are in charge of their own business so good job to them for getting another listing source. How does that have anything to do with Gary Keller? Do you think he should restrict how KW agents get business? Did you know a bunch of KW agent waste money on Zillow too? Does that make him a responsible for that too? His intereviewed top agents on stage that said they buy a ton of leads from Zillow and other sources.

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