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Your Fast Track to Winning at Reverse Lending



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"Your Fast Track to Winning at Reverse Lending"

  1. julie colangelo says:

    I’ve been a Lender since 1984. 10 yrs ago was introduced to Reverse, and after grasping how the program works I thought to myself “the industry is marketing this all wrong”. After years of frustration I finally wrote a book (CW in process). Keep it simple.

    1. Larry Challis says:

      HI Julie, How would I get a copy of your Reverse Mortgage book?

  2. SarcasmDetector says:

    I would like to add that Reverse is not something you can ‘dabble’ in because it’s very different from forward mortgages. While there’s a huge market of potential customers, it’s a very difficult process and the borrowers can really frustrate you due to their age and high level of suspicion. If you don’t feel you have the patience, don’t bother with it. Leave it to the experts.

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