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Ya gotta love Elon Musk, he’s now a housing genius, and his new solar tiles will only increase your crush on him….



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"Meet Elon Musk the Housing Genius"

  1. Dan Drelich says:

    The actual cost of the roof material and installation appears to be higher than a typical roof. I think the payback comes over time with the free energy.

  2. Wes Moore says:

    Great show today! This guy is a stud! I want that roof!

  3. Leah Courant says:

    the video worked for me and it was great. Elon Musk is amazing. I am getting these tiles as soon as they are available. Can’t wait to get away from PG&E AND Ferrell Gas!!!

  4. Leah Courant says:

    This is going to really upset the status quo in the fossil fuel industry. Maybe we will finally be able to ditch dirty energy and our dependence on foreign oil. It can’t happen too soon.

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