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Well, there are a lot of loan officers, Realtors and consumers scratching their heads right now wondering what to do now that WJ Bradley has shut down without any notice.

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"WJ Bradley Shuts Down Without Notice"

  1. I left WJB in 2013 after 3.5 years there. So thrilled that I made that decision at that time. That company, starting with THE Bill Bradley, has always had the worst ethical standards and decisions. So thankful to see the company is gone. Sorry about those good employees that were terminated. We are Hiring and looking for Good Mortgage Professionals.

  2. Always enjoy watching, I do Commercial Real Estate in Manassas Virginia. Keep up the great show!!!

  3. WJB Employees in FL, we are a small Broker shop and looking for good mortgage originators. We have the ability to work with numerous lenders and can close loans in as little as 20-25 days.
    If you would like to talk, contact me at dkensmi@gmail.com.
    Doug K

  4. Norm Ikonen says:

    Action Required:
    WJ Bradley LO's in the state of FL that are looking for a new home & great opportunity, please email Norm at NIkonen@vandykmortgage.com


    If there are any WJBradley LO’s in Texas, please feel free to reach out and contact us at Alliance Mortgage Group. We are looking for good Lo’s to hire.

    1. VELINDA SHIRLEY says:

      You can email me at velinda@alliancegrouptx.com

  6. Vernon Morrison says:

    We are looking for a processor…not sure if WJB had an Ohio office or someone who wants to work remotely. Need experience…

    All help is appreciated.


    Vernon L Morrison
    Lighthouse Mortgage
    Columbus, OH

  7. Joe McQuillen says:

    “Be easy and free when youre drinkin with me…I’m a man you dont meet everyday” The Pogues

  8. "Be easy and free when youre drinkin with me…I'm a man you dont meet everyday" The Pogues

  9. Jason Coleman says:

    If you are an AZ Loan Officer I would recommend Peoples Mortgage. Great reputation and even better operations. My email is listed here for more info. 602-451-5472 to ask questions before applying. I’m not a recruiter, just another LO like you.

  10. Rodney Roloff says:

    We are a large and respected mortgage broker in the San Francisco East Bay.
    If you are interested in going back to brokering loans at a much better price than retail banking And getting rid of the multiple layers of “corporation”, give us a call.

    We are signed up with most all of the great wholesale lenders available in CA, which give us the ability to have both great product and great pricing.

    Rodney Roloff
    Director of Sales
    Cal Coast Financial Corp
    Fremont CA

  11. Darin Rhodes says:

    We are currently looking for quality loan officers that want built in assistants so they can go out and sell. In addition, we are always looking for production staff (processors, loan partners, etc). Our setup caters to your strengths. We are licensed in over 40 states and have a incredible environment.

  12. Will Herring says:

    Greenwood Village; Colorado. All Western Mortgage is interested in talking with you. Your clients and your business is welcome here and we have a very streamlined platform to get your loans closed. Come chat about your future. 303-902-3531

  13. Don says:

    We are a small boutique lender in Plano TX (Dallas). Would love to talk with any WJB loan officers looking for a good home. Call Don @ Blue Star Residential Lending @ 972-265-0088.

  14. Joan Sullivan says:

    Looking for a processor in Colorado. If interested please contact me at joan@approvalinc.com

  15. Julie Malta says:

    Frank and Brian,
    I always enjoy listening to you. Unfortunately your disinformation is harmful to the Califirnia team who had a separate merger in the works and is moving to a wonderful National mortgage company Supreme Lending with a robust product platform and technological efficiencies allowing us to close files faster than the majority of mortgage lenders. We already have transferred a majority of our files to Supreme Lending, and my files personally are moving through a condensed process to expedite. They honored locks that were at certain stages of the loan process.
    Please call the Califoria team to verify and don't hurt good quality loan officers and their livelihood with trying to get news out without properly vetting the information.
    I hope you have a follow up report to clarify if you want the credibility of your story.
    I think the real topic should have been the unintended consequences of over regulation as this company most likely would not have fallen without TRID. It was the straw that broke the camels back. 415-203-6800. Julie Malta.

  16. Jason Lee says:

    WJB Employees in NV and Florida, City View Mortgage is a small Broker shop and looking for good mortgage originators. We have the ability to work with numerous lenders and can close loans in as little as 20-25 days.
    If you would like to talk, contact me at jason@cityviewgroup.com
    Jason Lee – Owner

  17. Any Utah LO's looking for a home. Give us a call. Small boutique office with alot of perks without the big corporate feel….. call 801-858-0702.. ūüôā Cherry Creek Mortgage

  18. Bryan Frediani says:

    Diversified Capital Funding, located in the Bay Area of CA, La Quinta, and Irvine are looking to expand our footprint further. Contact us today if you are an LO, and/or a supporting staff member looking to join our team.

  19. Any TEXAS Loan Officers looking for a new great new home to work with, please consider joining our TEAM at SecurityNational Mortgage. We are a nationwide lender with upfront underwriting!
    Please contact Kay Kooyman @ 214-628-9752!

  20. Matthew Brady says:

    We have several offices in San Diego and I would be happy to help WJB LOs and operations folks that need to service their clients.
    Matt Brady
    Skyline Financial / Rancho Financial

  21. Julie, Supreme is not too bad, but be careful, we just hired two LO's from there. It's not all what it seemed. Lower comp plans, graduating volume comp schedule, overlays, had some issues with some of the bond programs, couldn't do same day fundings. I also interviewed with them in late 2013 and I didn't like the fact that I was going to lose some of my autonomy on the P&L with them. For me, pay/comp/pricing is # 1. All the other "fluff" comes afterwards.

  22. Looking to hire a LO and also a processor….any WJ Bradley peeps want to work in the burbs of Woodstock, Canton area? Silverton Mortgage – call Lori Beardslee (770) 527-1375.

  23. Any Loan Officers/Branch Managers in Texas looking for a great new home, please consider joining our TEAM @ SecurityNational Mortage. Upfront underwriting and fast turntimes with an awesome group of people.
    Contact me at Kay.Kooyman@snm.com or 214-628-9752

  24. To WJB Employees: Want to work for a company who pays their LO's 200bps and where the pricing is better than the competitors at 150bps, then please contact me. No graudating scale. We put the money in the LO's pockets, not into costly advertising. WJB's pricing was way off the mark, charging a 1% Origination on their loans(that's how the PHX Office did it anyhow). We were about 225bps better than WJB's, which surprises me that they lasted that long.

  25. Robert Reyes says:

    We are looking for Loan officers at the moment. Please call us at 650-746-6225

  26. Robb Gordon says:

    I am looking for LO's in Northern and Western Arizona. Bay Equity is a growing mortgage bank. We funded $3 Billion last year and are looking to increase that total in 2016. Do not accept another position without speaking to us! Contact Robb Gordon (928) 282-0282 or rgordon@bayeq.com to discuss.

  27. Dan Zitlow says:

    We are always looking for great people who want to make a difference in their client’s lives everyday, people who want to “WOW” others with service. And that includes all positions, from LO’s to Underwriters.
    Cherry Creek Mortgage has several offices and an operations center in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Would love to help if possible.
    Dan Zitlow
    Branch Manager/Scottsdale AZ
    Cherry Creek Mortgage

  28. Roger Fleck says:

    I worked for this company before and the manager fired me and said leave dont come back leave all your loans and paperwork here and you won't be getting paid for anything. I was trying to close a fha stream line that had the customer bringing money to the table as they often do because full months interest due on FHA .I think He fired me because they had been withholding loan officers commissions portionately for several months because I confronted him about it because I wanted to make sure i was getting paid . They were not paying the LO what was stated in there contracts. They really but an awful taste in my mouth and took me close to the edge financially.
    Anyway I have a mortgage company and if your in Denver area let me know if i can help. We are A rated A on BBB . A paper we have that wholesaler that is always beating everyone else. Leave message at royalprestige1776@yahoo.com All th best

  29. michael says:

    Good morning – as one of the top LOs / Manager – pretty much everything you said is 100% correct. Northern California folks somewhat saw this coming and we have moved to a new company on Monday – and almost have fully been on boarded. Most all of our clients have been made whole. Disclosures have gone out for most clients and we be closing loans with out much damage. Anybody who has any positive thoughts, please feel free to get in touch with me. We know we are loved…to date I have received 84 recruiter calls – telling them all the same thing, we have good offers, our clients are being taken care of…and the company we are going to is better than WJB ever was. And yes this was a TRID issue, in part. Best of luck to all my past co-workers at WJB, you guys were all great.

  30. Blake Ramstead says:

    What a difficult situation that WJ left you and your borrowers in. If any of you are in the Eugene, Oregon area we are looking for loan officers. We are locally owned and have a great culture with excellent team members. We are a mortgage broker who works with a large group of lenders and have many different programs we can offer to our clients. If your interested you can email me or call me at 541-242-5161.



    how do I get to my March madness picks?

  32. Mike says:

    Simmons Bank is currently looking for quality Loan Officers in Kansas and Missouri specifically the Kansas City Metro and Wichita markets. Contact: Mike Nedrow @ 913-752-5353 to hear about Simmons Bank and what we have to offer.

  33. Rocky Bergante says:

    Any WJB MLO’s looking for a good home in the Chicagoland area, please feel free to call me directly Rocky Bergante at (630)779-8101 or email me at rocky.bergante@hgfloans.com. I am the territory manager for Hamilton Group Funding. I truly believe that we can provide you with the right platform to continue your success. We provide all of the tools and resources necessary. Direct mortgage lender looking to build the Midwest territory. Huge product mix, fast turn times including fast closings. Please call me to find out more……………………

  34. WJB LOs in the Northern California area: We are a small-medium sized broker shop with an in-house commercial division. Tier 1 pricing with all approved lenders; quick turn times with both in-house and outsourced processing depending on volume. Great reputation in the Realtor community, nice office space and the ability to be a truly independent originator. ProMortgage in San Rafael – call David Rubinstein at 415-755-6901 or shoot me an email at: david@promortgage.com.

  35. Why does Frank look like Chris Christie standing behind Trump for the first 25 seconds?

  36. Doug Juenke says:

    I have a family member that just left WJB and in one word it is encompass! Little to no training, false promises and missed deadlines and an upper management that did not seem to care. Tried for months to make it right but corporate were having none of it.

  37. Carlos Hernandez says:

    Attention LO’s and processor’s from WJB we are hiring. Our office is located in the City of Sunnyvale in the heart of Silicon valley. We are a small-medium sized broker company with access Residential, Commercial and Private/Hardmoney Lending. Call Carlos Hernandez 408-829-0720 or email: carlos_h_95@yahoo.com

  38. Scott Layden says:

    I'm hiring LO's in Franklin, TN just south of Nashville and serving the Nashville area. We run a souped-up CORE shop, so come ready to work, have fun, serve lots of people and make huge $$.

  39. Good morning
    If you have any Processors or Loan Officers looking for a great opportunity in the D.C metro area please feel free to contact me directly at mikeb@fairwaymc.com

  40. Li Deutch says:

    c'mon over to Metropolitan Mortgage Corp. 732.942.1225

  41. Mortgage Network Solutions would like to talk to any LO's in the PA, NJ, MD, DE, FL or NC area if looking for a new home with a great company. call Mr. Rappucci at 302-252-0100

  42. John Hartmann says:

    Attention WJ Bradley processor’s! American Pacific Mortgage located in Temecula Ca. is looking for a senior processor – any WJ Bradley processors looking? Let’s talk- info@apmloans.net (951) 506-3181 ask for John or Jeannette. Thanks

  43. Sorry to hear what happen to WJB peeps, not an easy time. If looking for a safe landing in Northern CA give me a call. 925-231-4311.

  44. Great topic F & B, SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA L.O.'s we have 2 spots in our well funded Boutique shop. We Fund in our name and broker to 20+ companies. 602-290-5994, Velocity Financial, LLC

  45. Jill Waldrop says:

    I've been working at Velocity Financial, LLC for 5 yrs and this is a great company! We're a small, boutique company with amazing processing and management. We'd love the opportunity to help any of those WJ Bradley customers who still need their loans closed on time and we welcome their loan officers to come work with us.

  46. Although I’ve never worked for WJ Bradley, I’ve talked to several loan officers who have, and from what I gather, I’m hearing the same thing here from past employees.. It was not a very ethical place to work.. And from the way they treated their employees during the shutdown, it’s even more compelling as to the lack of integrity of that firm. That being said, for those LO’s looking for a new place to hang your hat, you might want to check out Velocity Financial LLC. Boutique atmosphere, great upbeat positive environment with no ego’s, access to the best lenders, good pay plan, 401K with company match, health ins, etc, etc, etc.. , 480-Velocity, or my direct line, 480-287-5714

  47. Just over 5 months ago, I bought a house in Arizona using Velocity Financial, LLC. Not only was the loan closed 6 days earlier than expected, but the company has gone way above and beyond our expections by staying in touch with us to this day. They have continued to answer any and all of our questions, even after the loan closed and they have treated us like family throughout the entire process. If any WJ Bradley customers still need their loans closed on time, or any L.O.'s are looking for a new place of hire, I promise you could not go wrong by giving them a call – 602-290-5994.

  48. Dan Havey says:

    I've known Michael J Barnes of Velocity Financial since 1995 and he is the definition of Honesty and Integrity. If I were still in the mortgage business I would definately be working at Velocity.

  49. WJB Employees in FL,SC,TX and CA we are a Mortgage broker looking for good mortgage originators. We have the ability to work with numerous lenders and can close loans in under 30 days. Contact me at 864-325-7035 Todd G

  50. Bill Bradley might have been a "wunderkind" on Wall Street, but he left a hugh TURD when he shuttered his business. Absolutely clueless. Believe me, with 42 plus years originating loans, I know the difference. Bradley had no customer service skill set, which is a minimum requirement, and must have forgotten that skill when he made his money. He left a ton of folks high and dry, and where I come form , that is the kiss of death. Hope you had something socked away, Bill. RIP

  51. Jeannette Hartmann says:

    Temecula, CA – We are looking for a GREAT Sr Processor… (ours is moving to Idaho once school is out). Branch closes 15 per month, large company, 26 years with a GREAT reputation! If you know of anyone who might be a good fit, have them contact us. info@apmloans.net (951) 506-3181 ask for John or Jeannette.

  52. Totally agree! He was just a greedy man without any business saavy. He was in it for the money and could care less about all the low level employees that made him that money!

  53. Skyline Home Loans Launched a New $14 Million Game Changing Loan Platform called IMP. We are here to stay folks. http://www.cloudvirga.com/ It's possible to Complete a loan in days !! If you want to work for a forward thinking successful company with a family style work environment and a positive and supportive culture, come check us out. Contact Me if you have any questions. http://angelarenghini.skylinehomeloans.com/contact/ 925-595-6939

  54. I've worked with Velocity Financial as well. I started the process with it being my first home purchase knowing nothing and a little overwhelmed to say the least. I honestly can't tell you how amazing they have been. Treated more like a good friend than a customer, I'm still helped with even little things and my personal concerns. The people working there certainly care more to making sure we are comortable and happy with our decision rather than just raking in as many as they can and moving on to the next. One of the few companies that puts their values in the right place and I would return to based solely on that.

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