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There are a bunch of headlines out right now about “negative rates” so we caught Barry Habib in LA and asked him what’s going on.  Tune in to hear and above all make sure you CLICK HERE to give MBS Highway a try.



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"Will We See Negative Rates in the USA?"

  1. Excellent information! Thank you

  2. Getting my refinance teams ready!!! Thanks Barry for the info, I'm a long time subscriber to MMG!

  3. Awesome info guys. Thank you so much! That music's a bit distracting though…just saying.

  4. Barry Habib says:

    Thanks Tracy, but we have to get you on MBS Highway! 🙂

  5. Leslie De Palo says:

    THANK YOU Barry for the explanation about Negative Rates and for keeping us aware of the effect of important financial indicators on the mortgage market. We are thereby more “enlightened” Loan Officers and Realtors.

    I used to subscribe to MMG and plan to check out the MBS Highway…THANKS again!

  6. Lee says:

    Negative rates are actually old school banking. I.e. you paid someone to store and safeguard your gold. They had a vault and round the clock security. You didn’t. Paper money actually started from this premise. Instead of going to the bank each time you needed some small amount of your gold, you could simply give a piece of paper (a form of receipt/instruction)telling the bank/holder to pay the paper receipt holder some of your funds on deposit with the safe keeper. So we are returning to the dark ages of finance. 🙂 Way to go FED for your leadership in “Safeguarding ” the value of the currency.

  7. As Hjalmar Schacht, Germany’s minister of economics in the 1930s, put it: “I don’t want a low rate. I don’t want a high rate. I want a true rate.”

  8. Bernie says:

    TGIF guys! Happy Valentine’s day to all and if you have Presidents Day off enjoy!!

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