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Will Trump dump Richard Cordray?  That’s the question for sure.  But there are some circumstances that make it debatable.



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"Will Trump Dump Richard Cordray?"

  1. Brian H says:

    I met with the senator dropping his food and talking the night away when the republicans filibustered, I think that was about the Patriot Act. Good ole Rand Paul, our favorite senator here in Kentucky, told me that the CFPB is an unconstitutional entity. I’m thinking it’s top on the list of most constitutionalist republicans.. Also, since the funding for the CFPB isn’t apart of the budget, Trump doesn’t have to deal with the senate. He can just turn their money off. As a Loan Officer I just need to know am I buying realtors coffee next year or Yeti coolers. I like the way it is now, I really don’t want to compete with flashy bribing ex car salesmen! I hope they adjust this correctly. MAGA!

    1. Sarcasm Detector says:

      I agree there needs to be limits on what you can spend to entertain a realtor. You should be able to take them to lunch or to play a round of golf. Ditto for title companies, some of whom go way over the top and are basically buying business.

  2. Sarcasm Detector says:

    I like you guys, but his name is CorDRAY, not CorDROY as you continue to mispronounce it. Thank you.

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