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Will Layoffs Suffer Service for Profits



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"Will Layoffs Suffer Service for Profits"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Service in the mortgage industry? Well the LO gives it their best shot and the company they work for is lost, lost, lost when it comes to knowing what service should look like from their ops staff. First, does ops even know who the customer is and why they are important? No! Ask a processor today to open a loan in process and who the customer is and why they are important they will fail. You can’t blame the processor because we, as leaders in the mortgage industry, have not taught them who the customer is, why they are important, what good customer service looks like and most importantly sounds like. To be perfectly honest, processing is probably a function the mortgage industry could do without today. Which technological advances many functions in the process have been automated, but this is a whole different discussion and as you know it will be one our industry does not have because all the empty suits with HUGE paycheck are not interested in fixing or changing anything.

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