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Will Forced Integration Work in Housing?



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"Will Forced Integration Work in Housing?"

  1. alan brucato says:

    As a resident and loan officer in the Cleveland/northeast Ohio market I think I have a unique perspective on this very conundrum. If you all remember Cleveland was forced to bus kids from predominately black areas and white areas to the opposite side of town to achieve racial integration. The result unfortunately was that the population of Cleveland that could afford to move out did just that thus hollowing out the city tax base and proving that human nature cannot be controlled through legislation. The biggest problem besides inherent racial intolerance is the kids from poor school districts cannot easily transition into a school system where the students have benefitted from years of higher standards and this leads to either a two tier education system in the area you are trying to integrate. I agree that this has to be addressed but it will take a thoughtful well developed plan and only time will tell if we finally can erase a problem that was actually encouraged by the National Housing act of 1934 which established the FHA which at it’s inception through redlining resulted in large increases in residential racial segregation.

  2. Brain says:

    Sure Gov’t intervention ALWAYS works! It definitely raises gov’t payrolls and thus our taxes. Just like solar in CA. New requirement that all new construction have solar. This means local utility will raise prices to cover the shortfall in electricity being used. I cannot spend the $50k in electrical cost to justify adding it to my home. But when they raise the cost per kilowatt and my bill goes to $1K month, I may be forced to buy into gov’t intervention. Tax my text messages too while they’re at it!!

  3. Free Speech says:

    Educate yourselves about what is ACTUALLY happening in South Africa, not what leftists want you to believe.

  4. Leo says:

    Real integration is one person or family at a time. Skin color is not an important factor when choosing friends, colleagues, and clients. However…the natural inclination of the species is to congregate with those that look like us and think like us. It’s on ALL of us to look past the exterior. As you get used to doing that it becomes easier.

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