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Today we talk about why we pulled the Keller video.

Here is the video from their YouTube page:



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"Why We Pulled the Keller Video"

  1. Gauge says:

    “We’Re gonna burn the industry down.” The hubris is simply astounding. Just wait until the banking and insurance idustry decides to make real estate commissions the loss leader for their loans and insurance products. The tech us close to closings the loop on realty sales commissions.
    Let’s be honest Gary, your ancillary services make 8 dollars to every 1 dollar in net income at the brokerages.
    This is a money grab…just be honest about it like NRT, Berkshire, and the rest who already figured this out twenty years ago.

  2. Scott Johnson says:

    Gary Keller is a snake oil salesman. This is the same guy who had Movement Mortgage pay in the neighborhood of a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to sponsor an evening at the Paris at the Keller Family Reunion in Vegas and then A WEEK later announce Keller was starting their own mortgage company. Snake. Look, at the end of the day Gary Keller is just another one of the STUPID dinosaurs who is running a real estate company or a mortgage company. These type video’s can be found with any Real Estate company or Mortgage company. Idiots rule the roost to this day and until that changes the mortgage process will be viewed by consumers as worse then a rectal exam. We as mortgage professionals have to come together and bring the business back to what it once was and that was an outlet to help families realize a dream and that at one time was called the AMERICAN DREAM.

  3. Eric Schmidt says:

    I would think the next war on data stealling from Gary will be against Equifax, Experian and TransUnion…I think he is upset because after completing his own research he discovered having a lending partner increased lead conversion 30% on internet leads and 10% on open houses…he just showed us that together Realtors and Lenders need each other!

  4. J. Bravo says:

    Every mortgage company should have a form that get sent to every seller saying that they are paying 2% more than they should be if they are using Keller Williams. If it is really about saving the consumer money than they should be doing a “red fin” or “help you sell” model instead of charging 5%-6% to sell your home and give the difference back to the borrower.

    The example on the form he is giving out is a complete farce, the standard in the industry is not to charge a 1% origination fee or $1500 in lender fees. I guarantee when you put a Keller Mortgage against any competitive lender it will be within $500 all in.

    Gary Keller is a complete fraud. This is a money grab and he is using fear to push it. Nice win-win model here.

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