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Why Brian Stevens Hates Trended Credit.



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"Why Brian Stevens Hates Trended Credit"

  1. Josh Ezell says:

    How long have you wanted to use the hippo clip, but didn’t how or where to? Love it! Agreed guys!

    1. admin says:

      Oct 2nd 2013

  2. Tommy Gainer says:

    Instead of “Trended Credit”, how about they come up with “up to date credit” or “accurate credit”…. we can go to an ATM and our bank knows within a millisecond of an account change… why do we have to wait 45 days (or more) for the credit to update when someone pays down/off a credit card or collection? It seems that would be much more useful than knowing if someone paid their credit card down 4 months ago. It’s crazy to me that the credit reporting timeframe is still the same today as it was in 1992 when I got into this business. All other elements have changed with the times but the time for reporting credit data has stayed about the same.

  3. Kirk Johnson says:

    To Brian’s Point… How many loans get done because lenders help borrowers “get their credit score up”? Just to qualify for a loan. Wouldn’t this help to level out the good and the bad to see how people truly pay their bills?

  4. Terry Clemans says:

    Guys, you have this all wrong. Sorry to call you on on this but the FHFA RFI has nothing to do with Trended Credit – ZERO! FHFA wants to know which credit score model (FICO 9 or VantageScore 3.0) or some variation of both and how many credit bureaus (1, 2, or all 3 like now) do mortgage originators access those score models. Only VantageScore 4.0 can factor Trended Data into the score, and 4.0 is not an option for consideration by FHFA. Either do better research before sounding off or stick with the Taco/Tostada debate.

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