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Did you know that there are regulations on building affordable housing that make it more expensive to do?  Why?

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"Why Affordable Housing is so Expensive to Make"

  1. Miranda says:

    Thank you for taking the time to try to clear up the misspoken issue from yesterday… the point that I was trying to clear up wasn’t the numbers used for African Americans and Hispanics in years ’05-’15, the discrepancy was with the comparison numbers used for Whites. You quoted pct change ’01-’15 for Whites as -24% and pct change ’05-’15 for African Americans and Hispanics as -62% & -63%. Had you used the pct change ’05-’15 for Whites it isn’t -24% it is actually -40%.

  2. Michael Golieb says:

    In my opinion, the biggest issue with “Affordable Housing” is that the mainstream solution creates “Projects” or vast ugly blighted apartments where the worst elements of society then prey on those who are trying to climb out of poverty. Perhaps by local communities getting incentives to allow small high density properties to be built scattered throughout the area, we could avoid the stigmatization of “Projects” being festering homes of crime, drugs and unkept property. And, as an added benefit, nearby schools would not get deluged with an overabundance of ESL students and “problem kids”. By putting all of the poor kids in the same area, we perpetuate gangs and drug dealing. By spreading them out all over town, the kids might actually make friends with their neighbors and learn a different lifestyle.

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