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Where One Door Closes Another Door Opens



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"Where One Door Closes Another Door Opens"

  1. Valencia says:

    Brian and Frank
    Love watching your shows everyday. I am going inactive on my Real Estate License in two days. It has been a long $broke$ road and I am relieved and happy to be ending this crazy bang your head against the wall career. I plan to keep watching the National Real Estate post and if you are ever in my area coming to hear you speak. It was great meeting Brian years ago in Orlando area.

  2. craig sjodin says:

    Slick. But not professional. That is why the general public is always putting a second eye towards a realtor. I also head up an HOA so I see both sides. But if you really have a desire to be known as a professional you would not do that. People really do watch. If you are pushing the envelope to get letters it is usually because other home owners are complaining. That is even a violation in most MLS jurisdictions. I bring this up from both sides of the table because I work in the Mortgage business and I also depend on referrals. So I am sensitive to anyone that is trying to grow there business.



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