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Where is NAR with respect to Zillow?  Seriously, the make over $200MM a year, and they’re literally watching Zillow take over the real estate industry.  Why?



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"Where is NAR with Respect to Zillow?"

  1. Eddie Ruettiger says:

    How about the 130 million lawsuit NAR was part of agasit zillow. The development of Rpr. Plus the development of upstream that is in the works right now. Yes, NAR does a lot for the members. It is no secret that you 2 have a issue with the National association. Every time they come up you 2 hate. As for those that are members says they take your money. If it wasn’t for Nar there wouldn’t be a business in today’s form for you to make the money you have. This is the dumbs video out there. Zillow is its own business and NAR can not just say You don’t get the data. It is not NARs data. It is up to the 100s of mls on the country to decided that. So to sum up Nar and Zillow. “This is how it works, this isn’t how any of this works.” I love these 2 but it is obvious they have a axe to grind on NAR. Did we get kicked out for something? Finally, if you don’t know what your dues get you. That is your fault!

  2. Jeanne Jackson-Heim says:

    After settling the Virtual Office website lawsuit a few years ago, I believe the Department of Justice continually has its eye on NAR and I’m sure they would take a dim view of NAR going after Zillow because it would be seen as anti-competitive and a violation of antitrust laws. Further, I wouldn’t be surprised if NAR is trying to develop its own similar system to compete with Zillow.

  3. Jeanne Jackson-Heim says:

    NAR settled a huge antitrust lawsuit with the Department of Justice a few years ago. I suspect the reason it is not going after Zillow now is because it does not want to be accused of further antitrust violations. Any action NAR would take against Zillow would likely be seen as anti-competitive by DOJ. Further, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if NAR is developing its own similar system to compete with Zillow. Even if the mls’s stop their idx feeds to Zillow, they are not likely going to stop them going to realtor.com.

  4. Leigh York says:

    I think we pay very little to NAR each year through dues. I think we get what we pay for.
    Regarding Zillow and the initial question: How exactly does NAR combat them without violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? Sadly, I think this is something we have to do on an individual basis and the solutions are all very slippery.
    If, as individual brokers, we focus on the consumer and their wants and needs and respond accordingly with Zillow we can accomplish our most admirable goals. It’s not all about the commission though I admit, it pays the bills.

  5. Tami says:

    I loved today’s show. What a great way of making your point. Ignoring what Zillow is doing is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I hope they sit up and take notice! Thanks guys – your silliness and humor while making great points make my day!

  6. Mike Peerless says:

    That was hilarious, lmao!

  7. Diego says:

    I honestly don’t know anything that NAR has done for me except BUNDLED everything I could’ve gone and done on my own…and mandate I pay for it to have access to the MLS

  8. SueB says:

    As a newbie to the real estate industry, this really makes me wanna join NAR. Ha. Please, someone, tell me why anyone is a member anymore. I guess they’ve done a good job of marketing the message that you need their REALTOR designation.

  9. Joel says:

    Okay, that was probably the best show you guys have ever done. Humor, candor, a lot of truth, and a direct call to action. Love it guys!

  10. Earnest Tipping says:

    I agree. So how to we get the change we want. If it is true that Realtors own NAR, then we should be able to pool together that make change. Lets get started.

    1. Adrienne says:

      Hi Earnest,

      There is something we can do and almost 14,000 have done so far. Sign the petition at stopzillow.com to the NAR to stop Zillow’s “Instant Offers.”

  11. Ed Westerman says:

    After seeing some of the top producers in the local MLS caught up in some of the biggest scandals costing millions to the local market. I decided my reputation was not based on the word Realtor, but on my own values. I have not been a member for several years. I watch as the local members fight, cheat, and steal from the public and laugh at the NAR advertising about being the best and above the rest

  12. Ron Galbreath says:

    As a professional Real Estate Agent, I am constantly reminded of what a powerhouse in the real estate industry Zillow has become. As powerful and recognizable as Zillow is, there is one thing it is not, and I predict, never will be….your Agent!
    It’s important for me to state that I personally believe Zillow holds an important role in our industry and does several things very well, and some not so well, which I will touch on in a moment, but I don’t have the fear or loathing so many of my fellow professionals seem to have for the big Z.
    Why don’t I suffer these things? For me it’s simple. Lets start with one absolute fact. Zillow has NEVER been in your home, and never will be. As I view Zillow’s latest TV commercials, I am reminded of just how good they are at marketing themselves by creating a warm and fuzzy connection with the consumer, it really is quite impressive…I want to look at Zillow! However, as the commercials progress and the friendly voice says, …..”find your way home…” there is one gaping absence in each and every commercial…..the Agent that shows them the home, spends the time with them, prepares an offer, discusses the “REAL” value of the home, works through the negotiations, schedules the inspections, coordinates the lenders…….you get my point right? Nobody buys a home the way it looks on Zillow….heck, even buying a car takes hours….a house? Weeks and even months, it’s one of the most stressful events in peoples lives, and no website can ease that stress, not even the soothing sound of the Zillow guy’s voice.
    As a Real Estate Professional, I get to see first hand the emotions of buyers and sellers. I take it as my responsibility to provide them with facts and information that help them make “Informed” decisions. Zillow claims their “Zestimate” provides comfort in offer prices….I say, look at the fine print. In this February’s Estimate accuracy rating, they, self report a median Inaccuracy level of between 3.1% and 5.7% in 30 cities that they are tracking. If I was to be off by 5.7% in valuing your home for sale…..you should fire me, seriously!
    So why does Zillow seem to get such a Pass from the consumer? Well, they don’t have to talk to you the way I do, they aren’t in the meeting where we are discussing what your house might sell for. They aren’t using the comparative homes that make the most sense in determining value (In fact you don’t even get to see the homes they DID use) Inevitably, we as the professionals get to deliver the “bad news” that your home is not indeed worth $450,000, but $420,000….and lets be honest, that’s not what you were wanting to hear. So yes, it’s sometimes way easier to be Zillow with the soothing voice.
    With that said, Zillow does a great job at delivering listings to consumers in a timely manner with a very friendly user interface. Is it as good as the MLS I get access to? Or realtor.com? the simple answer is no, but then, as I mentioned earlier, Zillow is not your agent, and won’t work for you the way I will. Consumers who work with agents are better prepared for success in todays market where speed and accuracy of information is key.
    If buying or selling a home is in your future, remember we are your advocate, dedicated to serving you with a mind towards your success in the process. Sure, use Zillow, but just like Words with Friends or Angry Birds on your phone….it’s just an app, and won’t be in your home anytime soon!
    Submitted with humor and sincerity all at once…
    Colin Mullane, Principal Broker, Full Circle Real Estate, Ashland OR 97520.

    Colin Mullane, Principal Broker, Full Circle Real Estate, Ashland Or. 97520.

    REALTOR® of the Year, Oregon Association of REALTORS® 2017

    Oregon Association of REALTORS® President 2015

    Realtor of the year, Rogue Valley Association of REALTORS®, 2010

  13. Bill Eubanks says:

    Another of our NAR benefits is national advertising to consumers for recognizing realtors as the most reliable and trusted source for transacting real estate. Have you all seen the latest TV ad from NAR. I was actually embarrassed at the awkward and silliness of this TV spot.

  14. KT. Eckardt says:


  15. Teresa Herriot says:

    I’m so glad Greg Hague has brought this to the forefront. All these agents out there paying large sums to Zillow need to stop for this to really have an impact. We as Realtors need to band together on this before it’s to late. It’s just a matter of time before Zillow cuts Realtors out completely and start their own Real Estate Company. Zillow continues to loose money so I’m sure the share holders are pushing them to do what ever it takes. If we don’t take a stand now, we wont have a career to fight for. Thanks Greg Hague for all your work to protect our livelihoods.

  16. JustTheDataPlease says:

    I can’t understand why this issue should be so complicated. It’s simple – The power is ultimately with the people, not with the associations. Disagree? Next time ask your common Joe to describe to you the distinction between a “Realtor” versus a “Real Estate agent”. You’ll find that they don’t give a damn, and just need help to navigate the process to buy or sell a home properly so they can move on with their life.

    I’m anxiously waiting for the underdog & paradigm shift because of critical mass, tick…tock…. It’s sink or swim time for “Realty(R)” agents. You should of seen this coming with the proliferation of the internet (the epitome of data sharing). In fact, I’m surprised Facebook hasn’t thrown their hat in this arena yet, or maybe they already have. Hmmmm….

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