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When Will Margin Compression End?



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"When Will Margin Compression End?"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Think margins are bad now, wait until Amazon buys a mortgage company. With rumor swirling around Amazon purchasing Movement or another mortgage company or 2 they’ll be looking to take the Amazon business model of volume selling into the mortgage industry with a high level of service that delivers the product quickly. Can you imagine a system where the company average LO closes $7 million per month because leads come in by the minute and technology allows for a fast flow. Of course the average LO at Amazon Mortgage will probably be paid 25 basis points, but with the lowest rate on the street the ability to close 10 million a month, what will they have to complain about? Interesting times are coming for sure

  2. Kevin Morris says:

    Your production value is very high. The creative use of backgrounds and intros helps make dry numbers talk more engaging. Please consider adjusting down the audio volume levels of the intros to match the level of the interviews. It is frustrating every day to get blasted out, then have to turn up the volume to hear the content. Thanks for putting out good quality content!

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