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additional comments on
"Are The Wheels About To Fall Off?"

  1. yes its good for refinances but I would rather have a stronger ecomony with lots of jobs, good income, lower consumer debt, yes rates would go up but at least people could afford to buy homes. I remember when rates were in the 5.0%-5.5% range and the real estate business was rolling along just fine.

  2. Dana Bain says:

    The Machine will continue to be FED!.

  3. Lisa LeQuire says:

    So what suggestions do you have for personal and professional safeguards?

  4. All really good concerns. We are Americans, when was the last time a person got elected to office promising slow methodical painful measures to insure our future. It ain't gonna happen. We will continue to kick the can down the road till the economy implodes. I hope to be dead before the S*#t hits the fan. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

  5. Dora Griffin says:

    Great post. I don't are about the national debt. I care that consumers for the most part have not recovered since the housing collapse. Therein lies the problem. Focusing on cutting the budget is not the answer. The answer to why the economy is not growing is simple. You cannot cut your way into a great economy. Folks have to spend. Folks are not going to spend unless they have guaranteed employment income that is rising with real inflation, not inflation minus oil, food, etc. Ppl do not feel safe to spend, as long as wages are for the most part stuck in the 70's they can't. I grow weary of ppl going on and on about the national debt. It is a symptom, not the problem.

  6. Ron Aguilar says:

    Dan, I agree with you. The rate of return on safe investments for older people is horrible. I am not a doomsdayer person but something will blow in the future. Have a better day

  7. walt says:

    Bill Bonner predicts huge credit crisis coming. (watch video below). He predicted Japan market crash in the 80’s at a time Japan was buying everything. He was called a fool until their market crashed the same year. He also predicted the fall of communism in Russia…2 years later it happened. He’s not a prophet, he’s simply looking at the numbers and they don’t lie. He recorded this video in 2015 and now in 2016 the markets seem to have a crack and no one knows where to put their money. There are people predicting a big change in 2016. I must admit after watching the markets the last 3 months it’s been unnerving. Cash will be king (I’m talking cash in hand..not in a bank). Pawn shops will be big business. Let me know what you think of this video prediction. So the question you pose is similar to what others are saying (Bill Bonner being one of them).

  8. Jay Emerson says:

    The government is motivated to grow. My business is motivated to grow. The better I use revenues, the better the ROI. The government is not held to any standard of “return”. I would wager that the average government employee can’t define, measure, track, nor improve the “return” on the money they get from me (taxes). In fact, my simplistic math concludes that the return on investment for a tax dollar taken from me automatically starts as a negative number. Fiorina had a similar message: ZBB (Zero-Based-Budgeting) is a prioritization of each dollar (“capital” in the private world; “taxes” in the government world) based on the ROI of the target effort. Let’s start using simple math and calling a spade a spade. Another wager: We could comfortably (and SHOULD) eliminate 50% of all government uses of tax dollars. It wouldn’t change the destruction of a dollar when it is taken by the government but it would go a LONG way toward recovering.

  9. Nathan Price says:

    We need to end the Fed and replace it with "free banking". Money needs supply and demand just like anything else. Central planning does not work… If the U.S. governmetn tried to centrallly plan the price of milk, bread, eggs, etc. Prices would go out of control and we would start to see huge shortages and surplus. People would go ballistic. The market can govern itself just fine. Government is the problem here.

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