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Wells Fargo is blasted once again.  With everything that’s going wrong with them, how do they survive?



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"Wells Fargo Blasted Again? How Do They Survive?"

  1. Stanley says:

    They survive because the government wants them to survive

    1. Nick says:

      Not only that Stanley but if Dave Stevens and MBAand Senator Corker have their the way, they will have more business currently being done as part of the GSEreform. What could possibly go wrong??

  2. Nick says:

    Oh by the way Fannie and Freddie reported second-quarter results earlier this week and combined 5 billion profit currently scheduled, as all the other profits since 2012, go to treasury.. They are still on track for a zero Capital buffer at the end of this year. While they have now paid $83Billion more than what they “borrowed”. This extra money by the way does not go to pay off the loan.

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