sprintA few weeks ago I joined a weight loss challenge at my gym along with about 40 other people. We paid $5 to join, and every Monday, using the honor system, we report whether we had a weight gain or weight loss. If you lose weight, awesome. If you gain weight, you pay $1 for each pound. Out of the 40 people, guess who has had to pay every week?

Me. Only me.

And it’s not because I’m not trying. I’ve finally hit my groove with working out five to six times a week without fail. I am eating real, unprocessed foods about 85% of the time. I’ve cut down on alcohol, and upped my water intake.

So what gives?

Well, I’ve been down this road before. Years ago during my first week with a trainer, I lost nine pounds. Nine pounds!! I was ecstatic! Then the next week, without changing a single thing, I gained 11.

Weight loss is like that. When you first get started you see immediate results, but until you examine what works, what doesn’t, and learn from the results- good and bad– you never see long term, sustainable success.

An end goal is necessary, but it’s more important to carefully plan the route to get there.  What works today doesn’t work tomorrow. You have to study every facet of what you do and the outcome it produces.

If I do cardio, I need to eat more. If I take a “rest day”, I need to keep my nutrition on point. Some foods make my joints hurt. Some make me tired. Some trigger cravings. It’s taken a lot of time to figure these things out, and I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t. And just when I think I have it figured out, something changes and I have to tweak the plan again. Because it’s impossible to stay on track every minute of every day, I also have to accept what I did wrong, and do even better the next day. plan

So with all this being said, if my overall journey was charted on a graph, you’d see lots of peaks and valleys, with a line ultimately moving in the direction of my goal.

So, I’m not frustrated by this competition. I’m motivated, patient, and quietly laying the groundwork. I’m learning from my experiences, adjusting when I need to, and creating a sustainable plan.

It’s hard work, it takes time, and lots of dedication. Some days the end goal seems impossible to reach, and other days it seems just within my grasp. Peaks and Valleys. Ups and Downs. Successes and Failures. It’s all part of it. Have patience. Have faith. Work the plan. And don’t ever give up. Overall success will happen.

And by the way, this pertains to your real estate career, too 🙂


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  1. Chris says:

    Try the Keto diet. Limited carbs, under 50 grams a day and no sugars. You can eat all the fats and proteins you want, once your body, about 2 weeks, turns to fat burning mode for its energy source, the fat just melts away a little each day. I have lost weight sitting on the couch, sitting at my desk and sleeping !!! I have lost 25 lbs in 3 months without working out, without even really moving due to a hip problem. Watch the salts though. raises blood pressure which is a silent killer.

    My kid lost 125 lbs in 12 months.

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