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Well, a Las Vegas MLS is pulling its feed to Zillow.  Beginning of a trend?



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"Vegas Dumps Zillow"

  1. Teri Britton says:

    I hope the South Florida and Treasure Coast Beaches MLS looks into this, i.e. pulling its feed to Zillow.

  2. Rob Aubrey says:

    If you listed a properly priced property in the MLS and no other place. Walked outside and got ran over by a bus, the listing would still sell.

  3. SCOTT DAVIS says:

    Bummer, they retracted quickly. Does not bode well for getting zillow out of any MLS.

  4. GLVAR sent us Brokers and Members Letters that they will continue to syndicate. Unless we have not been updated. Please advise.

  5. Ed says:

    I’m in a agreement with cutting these guys off 1000% but really all Zillow would need to do is what Redfin is doing is to get a brokers license in each state and pull a MLS IDX feed. The MLS IDX feed rules would need to be changed somehow that would negate what zillow would do with the the content such “no collecting and selling leads to 3rd parties from IDX content’ etc….

  6. Ed says:

    if the don’t cut off their feed they should charge for the content so we have no local. state, MLS, and NAR dues such as $400 per listing with $200 going to the seller and $200 to the agent. We should get a agent fee for the content and split with the sellers.

  7. Mr. B FL Broker/Owner says:

    This is a step in the right direction and the only way to slay the ZILLOW dragon is to stop feeding it. We have been getting our asses kicked by technology companies for far too long and now Opendoor is also doing it. I fault NAR for not stepping up its game, with 1.1 M REALTORS we can afford the BEST technology in the business. We didn’t even step in and buy REALTOR.com when we had the chance and it’s not near as good as ZILLOW anyway. If I am in the field and need some quick info on a home it is easier for me to go to ZILLOW then my own MLS system. We need to clean house at NAR and get younger technology minded leadership and take our industry back because the dinosaurs use to think they were pretty important too!

  8. Dick Caley says:

    I have poked the demo button on the Listing Booster Web Site. That was yesterday. Anyway you could ask someone to contact me? My Lender and I are looking over lead gen applications.

  9. Just a suggestion and a thought. First the thought. I don’t know the answer to this. Do individual agents generally understand listhub? If not maybe the topic needs to be redirected to what listhub is and how to shut it off. I’m not fully versed on this but can’t brokerages just shut off syndication to Zillow individually despite their mls. If so then it’s as easy as bringing that light clearly to everyone’s attention. Agents need to petition their brokers to shut it off. In that regard it wouldn’t matter what the MLS chooses or does not choose to do. It takes a broker 10 minutes to setup listhub and select the all syndication checkbox. Then it’s out of site out of mind. Form a conversation then a movement for brokers to invest 5 minutes to simply uncheck the Zillow box. Make it a deselect the Zillow box on listhub day. In 24 hours Zillow would be looking like a one man office with a 20k lot listing in BFE sitting on an old build your own go Daddy site

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