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Using Perfume as an Enhancement to Technology?




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"Using Perfume as an Enhancement to Technology?"

  1. Jon Sigler says:

    I agree a perfume is about as helpful to selling real estate as well certain body parts on a bull… but you talked about Long and Foster for a full show today. Has anyone talked about them for a full anything except maybe their mom?

  2. Mike Knight says:

    If the average age at Long and Foster is 65, then the sent developed for them is designed to cover up OLD FARTS.

  3. Tim KEndrick says:

    I am married to a lady (active Realtor) who is highly allergic to almost any manufactured scent you can think of. The wrong laundry detergent, fabric softener, deodorant, cologne/perfume, etc can put her on an ambulance headed to the nearest emergency room. Glade air fresheners and those decorator air wicks are pure poison to her. She’s not the only one. About 20% of Americans suffer from this malady in varying degrees. IT is a large enough health issue, that it has been recognized by the ADA as a legitimate disability. We are fortunate in that she usually gets enough of a warning that we can leave the area before it gets to the point where we have to deploy epi-pens. Think about that the next time you elect to stage a house.

  4. The sense of smell is the most powerful of the five senses. The use of an odor can be used to recall long lost memories, to remind us of something beneficial and more. imagine, as a mortgage company that every one o your salespeople used the same scent, that the paper you used had a similar scent etc.etc. i have postulated this idea back in the early “90’s to enhance the marketing of a mortgage company.

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