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Congress drools over the g-fee looking for a way to spend the money.  How about paying back Social Security?  To get the MBA downloads CLICK HERE.



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"Use G-Fee to Pay Back Social Security"

  1. Glenda Britz says:

    Great idea for the G Fee. It won’t pay it all back, but it’s a start!!

  2. Glenda Britz says:

    great idea for the G fee, it won’t pay it all back, but it’s a start!

  3. Bob says:

    So, if the government collects taxes to pay for one thing and they use it to pay for something else, how is that not fraud? And, why isn’t the CFPB investigating this?

  4. Dave says:

    Not a great idea! Keep stealing F&F’s money for a bandage? If we don’t let Fannie & Freddie recapitalize we will have a lot more much bigger problems then Social Security. You guys are always spot on. Think you might be drinking some of the current administrations kool-aid on this one!

  5. Ralph Eischen says:

    Great idea go for it

  6. Dave says:

    This may help shed some light and maybe a give better understanding on some of the comments that will probably be coming in.


  7. Michele says:

    Great idea! Much better than the alternatives Congress had put forth.

  8. Bernie says:

    I agree with your thoughts on social security. Lord knows that Congress may want to fix, may say they are going to fix it, but I have a greater chance of winning the lottery…..

  9. Robb Gordon says:

    Please don’t believe the bullshit you hear from candidates. ZERO money from the SS trust fund has been “taken”. It has been invested in US Treasury securities. Do you think the full faith and credit of the USA isn’t good enough security? Then Soc. Sec. is worth nothing. What would you have Soc. Sec. do with its funds? Stock market? Real estate? Bitcoin? Give me a break guys!

  10. Stacey Van Roosendaal says:

    If you hand out carrots at Halloween, you don’t need a costume, you’re already a monster!

  11. JJones says:

    Was the TRID Presentation a link as I don’t see it.. was curious to read thru it.

  12. Patty says:

    Finally someone is bringing this great injustice to light. I makes me very angry. All the talk about Social Security going broker. Pay back all the I OWE U’s!. Thanks Guys.You have a lot of strength now. Please keep it up,

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