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We are in an official transition guys.  The change is officially upon us, but you may get a little window coming up soon.  You’d better be ready.  Tune into Barry Habib today.

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additional comments on
"Urgent Info From Barry Habib on Rates"

  1. James the Appraiser says:


    Please take the comments from the Appraisers back to Head of the Agents and see how they comment back to the fact that we Appraisers don’t see a lack of Appraisers, but a poor working connection between the Appraisers and AMC

    Also, why 1,000s of Licensed Guys are sitting around and Lenders will not use them

    The Lenders are the ones that have created the issues, so let us put the pressure on them


  2. Janice V says:

    What does Barry think will happen to rates if Quitaly happens?

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