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Uh… You Won’t Believe this Price Comparison between what you can buy for $6 million.  Trust us…. just tune in and watch.



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"Uh… You Won’t Believe this Price Comparison"

  1. Hands down…. The Castle.

  2. Manufatured law suits? How about HUD's new policy on descriminating against felons? They are calling property managers to ask them questions!? Hello? Attorney?

  3. Leo says:

    Not that it changes much,but the property in Palo Alto was a 4 plex, not a SFR.Prices int eh Bay area are nuts and have been for a long time.

  4. B rad says:

    Maintenance on that castle will be mind boggling. 18 hole golf course? Well into the six figures annually.

    Ill take palo alto, after alls said and done it will probably be half the cost of the castle and put me in a very lucrative market

  5. Mr. Krispy says:

    Uhhh, you’d move to England for the castle cuz it’s crazy HERE? Did anyone let you know about the crazy sheit that occurs in Merry Ole England? You do remember the bobbies and soldiers that were attacked and killed by Muslim terrorists on the streets of England just cuz they were who they were? Bobby lives matter! What happens when guns are illegal like they are in England? Box cutters, or hammers, or screw drivers become weapons. I’ll take American “craziness” where cops come to our aid with the tools necessary to “neutralize” the bad guys…and if they don’t get to the problem in time, we can have a gun to improve our odds of survival. Also I tend to only pee in one bathroom, and I don’t play golf or tennis so that big ole house would go to waste anyway even if I had a spare 6 mil… 🙂

  6. Russell Z Smith says:

    Hi Brian and Frank, I have been watching you all for years. I just wanted to chime in on the realtors over 60. I am a Title marketing rep at FNT I’ve been in the business for 31 years, 25 of them in the field. I have began to start loosing my older clients the last few years. With that said I have had to reinvent many times over the years. First was in 2007 when we started into the downturn. I have started shifting lanes and learning to go more towards intranet marketing and learning more marketing Technics.
    The problem though is that these agents are less apt to use these kinds of Technics. What advise can you give me to help me with this dilemma. Thanks for your help. Russ

  7. How fast does the grass grow in Scotland? I'll take the castle, and at worst, let the golf course grow out if times get tough.

  8. Leslie says:

    THANKS for sharing! Definitely, if I had an extra $6MM I would buy the castle because it would be a wonderful place to have a grand party — so much fun to invite friends who could afford to fly to Scotland for a week or two. I cannot imagine that the Palo Alto house will actually find a buyer who will pay $5MM. Even though the market is dreadfully expensive in that area, it just seems way, way, WAY overpriced to me…

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