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Well Donald Trump feels that Dodd-Frank is a big mess and it needs to be dumped.  Does this impact who you would vote for?



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"Trump Wants to Dump Dodd Frank"

  1. Love the pics in the background!

  2. Leigh York says:

    I'm afraid Trump can't accomplish what he's promising and afraid Hillary can. Either way, we lose. At this point, I'm hoping for a strong independent candidate. (Realizing it won't happen.)

  3. Lorrie says:

    The only candidate who will help business!!!

  4. Don Riley says:


  5. Dan C says:

    moving to Canada – I dont like any of our options.

  6. You had me up until about 3 minutes in, when you started back peddling. WHAT? You guys have been consistently against Dodd-Frank for as long as I have been listening to your show.

    No matter, TRUMP (because it's about the economy). Get rid of TRID, dismantle Dodd-Frank.

    Oh, and by the way, bad lenders are still out there.

  7. I got the hint you are liberals from California and most likely would prefer Jerry Brown, but will settle for either a crook or a socialist/communist. Not sure what they put in the drinking water in California. The tone of your message and not necessarily the message made this my conclusion.

  8. Carolyn West says:

    I have confidence that Trump will get more things done for this country in a more positive way than any other past president. We need a business man in the white house to straighten out our financial mess, 20 Trillion in debt is ridiculous.

  9. Vernon Morrison says:

    Executive Orders just like Obama…that can get rid of DF. Just decide not to enforce.

  10. Randy Dicken says:

    No use crying over what might have been.
    I will support the most right wing candidate available…
    who in this case is TRUMP.

  11. Destroying Dodd/Frank doesn't mean we would not keep common sense regulations, so i am all for doing away with Dodd/Frank, However, to say that Donald will get it done, Well . . .that is hard to accept from a guy who keeps changing position like he changes his depend diapers with his little fingers 😛

  12. LC says:

    DF is a nightmare! Go Trump!

  13. Can we remove trid too?

  14. It is not an either/or situation. There are many alternatives to Dodd/Frank, and the Donald is going to present them in an upcoming policy position. He has good advisors. But the alternative is not "No Regulation," after all. Just like repealing Obamacare does not mean "No Health Insurance." Let's let our experience with Dodd/Frank, both the bad and the good, guide us to real answers to real problems, just not one size fits all, which is what top down government causes.

  15. AV says:

    Undecided still. Hate all the choices. Our industry is one thing, basic human decency is another.

  16. david v says:


  17. Tom Burris says:

    Let's see: They cut my commissions and raised rates/fees to the borrowers. All the while complicating the process 10 fold.
    Hmmm… I don't see dudd/frank as a success.

  18. For all of you saying youll move to Canada if Trump wins, what about Mexico? Why wont you move there?

  19. RAndy M says:

    We don’t need Dodd-Frank to have, as you put it, “fewer bad players” in the industry. If you want to see the impact of Dodd-Frank, count the number of mortgage brokers before Dodd-Frank and the number after Dodd-Frank. Were 70% of all mortgage brokers bad apples? I don’t think so? Did Dodd-Frank increase the cost of appraisals, title company/attorney fees and origination costs? And that’s good for consumers how?

    Did we need reform? Yes. Do we need the overreaching arm of the government (the most inefficient “business” in the US) and an out of control CFPB running things? I think not. There is a middle ground somewhere….and Trump may be our only hope of finding that. I’m not saying he is an ideal candidate. I’m just saying he is the lessor of two evils.

  20. MORALES says:

    For years I been wanting to RID of politicians all attorneys ripping off the tax payer. All they are r preachers and pied pipers, keep it up and we will go the way of the dodo bird. WE MUST TRY TRUMP AND DUMP HILLARY LIBERALS AS MYSELF ONCE

  21. Trump will have a pen and a phone and he will not be afraid to use it. Oh wait that was the other guy who has done what ever he wants with out approval from congress

  22. I am certainly not a Trumpster but he will certainly be an economic booster for this country and there is no question that everyone, with the exception of some government employees, will be better off 7 years later than they have been these past 7 years.

  23. Bernie says:

    I am voting for Trump and I am a woman. I am sorry but Hilary and Bill in the White House again is going to turn the White House back into a Whore House with Bill running around with nothing to do. If Bernie gets in the White House will become the POT house, come by for a dubee and a brownie. Welfare for everybody even if your illegal. VOTE TRUMP AND GET RID OF flipping Dodd Frank which was a stupid law from the get go. Blaming all appraisers and brokers for the mortgage meltdown. I have a newsflash since I was an on audit team and the biggest fraud was committed by the big banks, not the brokers and not the appraisers. We lost some amazing excellent, HIGHLY ETHICAL appraisers who could not make it with HVCC and the hits they took in income. Dodd Frank was a joke to punish somebody other than Bill Clinton and Barney Frank for the WORLD WIDE economic meltdown that they caused when Clinton was President by completing taking all the rules away from lending. If you had pulse you got a loan. If you were breathing you got a loan. Nobody in the Clinton administration thought this was a bad idea because they wanted all the world to stop talking about Bill’s affairs and his private parts. Clinton set up a huge economic disaster for the next President. Then Bill has the absolute gall to say he had nothing to do with it. let me remind you President Clinton of your very words “I want every American who wants a home to have one” there should be a standing restraining order that a Clinton can never set foot in the White House ever ever again.

  24. Dodd/Frank is a disaster. Less regulation or more Regulation? Less Free-Market or more Free-Market? An Economics genius or a challenged economics President, which is PC for Socialist moron. Reform did good 6-8 years ago, not 6-8 months ago. Enough of the madness.

  25. Cara says:

    Are you serious? I truly hope you are being ironic. Pot house? Where house?
    ..Trumps serial philandering doesn’t count?

    And BTW, I don’t know how old you are, but love him or hate him, this country was prosperous and stable with Clinton in office.

    Judge not lest thee be judged.


  26. Carolyn West says:

    He also has a 'set-if-balls' and great advisors. He is not afraid to get things done.

  27. Towne Adams says:

    Dump CFPB & Dodd- Frank & vote for business!

  28. God help us. What a mess. I don't like any of them. Anyone that thinks Trump is such a great business person needs to read a lot more on him. Not to mention he does summersaults on his positions, it's hard to say what he represents. Most of his rants seem to be pandering to the public with good results, he's a great marketer I will give him that. As for having great advisors he certainly doesn't listen because he habitually sticks his foot in his mouth. His support from white racists hasn't been seen for any candidate since the 1960's. Pretty scary stuff. Anybody but Trump.

  29. Bill Hudson says:

    I am a little confused that people following Trump are considered white racists but when Obama and Hillary pull 98% of the african american vote, what are they _______????

  30. I've already cast my vote for the Trumpman long before this announcement, which incidentally is good to boot! However, I do hope he considers retaining the good, albeit, fewer, more important issues like the ban on predatory lending. Go Trump!

  31. Fraud / Stank (i'll let you use that if you give me credit for originating it) needs to be repealed or at the very least amended to take out the ridiculous provisions that cause unintended BAD consequences… They need to consult with people in the trenches to find out how stuff REALLY works in the REAL world before they make these rules that just sound good in a sound bite!

  32. It would be nice to have a business man in the White House, but NOT Trump…..very sad that congress and the house do so much fighting. This country needs real change. I think Bernie at least has a brain, eperience and heart for this country and it's citizens.

  33. Sandy says:

    Definitely Trump. The only candidate to speak his mind. Not worried about “Politically Correct” As a disabled Viet Nam era Vet I want someone who will stand up and be counted not bend over and spread em like most of the politicians we have in office today; and done get me started on King Obama, the first.

  34. Bill Hudson How does pulling vote make anyone racist?

  35. Nancy Viejo says:

    My mind has been made up since the Fl primary. But parts of Dodd Frank need to go. The LE and CD, I have no problem with the form. But the rules should not have changed from the GFE. Lo comp…let the independent Broker make the 3% especially on Lender Paid. Raise the tolerance to 4%. And definitely get rid of the one person dictatorship at the CFPB. So much more to this.

  36. Mike Scalise says:

    I can only speak on the mortgage side but it needs to be reformed at least – get rid of LO compensation rules that just make sure that the people bringing in 100% of the business to their companies cannot argue to make percentage of income they bring in vs. the ridiculous basis point system. Make ALL lenders regardless of where they work get equal licensing rules, get rid of TRID completely but keep the LE rules and rules pertaining to disclosures and fee caps as we do not want to go back to those days of overcharging customers… that is my 2 cents…

  37. Bottom line… Donald is the only one that is presenting common sense in his assessment of Dodd Frank.. The other two have no clue. Remember how Hillery misrepresented the lending industry in one of your posts… That minorities have to go through extra paperwork???

  38. Bottom line… Donald is the only one that is presenting common sense in his assessment of Dodd Frank.. The other two have no clue. Remember how Hillery misrepresented the lending industry in one of your posts… That minorities have to go through extra paperwork???

  39. Mary Ann Isaacson Absolutely a toxic reply. Perhaps you don't recognize that much of the country feels the same way as Fred? (Sans the highly populous cities)

  40. Off subject, at 2:50, watch Bern's right hand. What does he dig out of his ear, then drop his hand, and get rid of it??????

  41. Frank/Brian I am flabbergasted you have taken this position, and apparently have not paid attention to who controls both Congress and the Senate and how many of them have stated the same. He could indeed accomplish this and being that he is in real estate, this would be hopefully one of his positions that would not be flipped or flopped upon. Dodd/Frank is a nightmare in many, many ways. You will find no greater opponent of the Gilded Toad, Trump. I cannot stand this man however I back this 150%.

    I'm going policy wonk on you for a moment. Aside from the TRID, the meddling in our compensation, Appraiser Independence crap and this faux security nonsense where we're changing our passwords to business websites every 90 days (yet no one seems to be concerned about our credit cards or bank accounts? ) let's look at our basic document that binds this country together and insures our freedoms – the Constitution. Have you really looked at the CFPB? I know that you have. You do recognize that the CFPB answers to no one that we elect, right? That niether Congress nor the Senate has much if any control over what this derelict bunch can do? That they are funded soley by the fines they levy? Do you see problems here? Sure you do. Can you say run away regulation and unconstitutional? Oh hell ya. Very dangerous and needs to be gone yesterday.

  42. You guys are too weak to actually take a position on the future of our country much less our industry.

    Grow a pair and if the idiots supporting Hillary the felon or Bernie the communist get offended, then too bad, maybe they'll grow a brain before November

  43. Dora Griffin says:

    And the country along with it.

  44. Diane Balsara how does building a wall make trump a racist, how does a temporary ban on letting in Muslims until we figure out how to vet them to make sure they're not terrorists make trump a racist

  45. Diane Balsara only because they lie to this voter demographic, pander to the point of embarrassment (did you see Hillary's BS about carrying hot sauce in her purse when questioned by a group of black voters??) and in the end, the leftist policies keep all of the lower class and inner cities under the government control and in poverty. Honestly, nothing could be more racist than lying and using a group of people and then keeping them in the hell hole your side has created.

  46. Dora Griffin says:

    Yes, they are, especially the small savings and loans who just change a loan amount one day and close the next. I've said for years making new rules will not make anyone a model citizen. You learned from your mama and papa or you don't learn it late in life. Cheaters gonna cheat.

  47. Dora Griffin says:

    Someone who's plan is I'll get rid of it. His cult is too smitten to ask how.

  48. Dora Griffin says:

    Couldn't be more right Diana. Sadly we are not where we need to be with candidates but maybe 4 yrs from now more Americans will wake up and vote in their own best interest from the ground up. Trump is full of malarky.

  49. Do you think the mortgage brokers will be able to be on the same playing field as the bankers? Dodd is a disaster. The other products are there are a non conforming side and worse they go after the commercial loans and lend any way they see fit. BB&T for example loves to ballooonmortgagaes and take the publics equity away. EVEN THOUGH THEY PAID PERFECTLY. SHould be known as Biggest ballloon thief. Chase does whatever they want to. After all the government handed them 100's of billions through unfair advantages and when it came time for them to "pony up" they now say we will pull out of lending. Could go on and on but OB and Hillary definitely in banks pockets. Remember the days when the competition was an an EQUAL playing field? Remember when the banks didn't control appraisal values? Still say after 37 years in the industry that a home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. The appraisal should then be solely for what the lender is comfortable lending and if you really want to know what a home is don't give the contract . Just make it more sever for not giving the appraiser the seller concessions so you do not violate USPAP. Yet amazing how the banks own 49.9% of AMC's and guess what they are the one's depressing the market. Interesting again? I remember a show that you did whereby you disclosed Barney frank as an owner of a prominent AMC. Could you tell us which one please? I would be interested in knowing what position financially is Barney Frank in after "retirement " and sponsoring a bill for which there is such a grave conflict of interest? The Trumpster needs to take Dodd Frank to the dumpster! In fact I am putting this on our LED sign !

  50. Correct me if I am wrong but the leader of the CFPB was appointed without ‘congressional approval’, right? #RecessAppointment ; )


  52. Eddie Raiger says:

    One of the best Real Estate books is TRUMP " The Art of the Deal " Who should i vote for? As a Investor, Broker and Business owner?

  53. David Witsen says:

    We are so SCREWED with a capital F – – – Frank-Dodd to Control everyone’s Credit Score : http://democrats.financialservices.house.gov/uploadedfiles/waters_039_xml.pdf

    1. David Witsen says:

      Don’t get me wrong. We absolutely need reform in the area of credit scoring (dare I say “Profiling” ) . But the CFPB CZAR – One Nation Under CZAR, with Liberty and Justice for CZAR ? Anybody Ok with That (Besides the CZAR) – You get my drift. Here’s a thought – FREE MARKET – Let the free market and investors create NEW models to score American citizens – Competition breeds creativity. Your Opinions are welcome. (Except Barney, Dodd, Cordray or Antonakes )

  54. Should be interesting! Probably needs to be revised. AMC need to go.

  55. You guys have been complaining about Dodd Frank since it has been in place. And you can't see your way to supporting this? No wonder we get stuck with such crappy legislation.

  56. Dawn LaPrele Hoffman Don't you worry, Trump is not only going to build the wall but he's going to get Mexico to PAY for it. Maybe he will use the same Polish scab labor he used to work on his project in NYC? Or maybe the little kids that work in the factories that he buys his ties from? That will help make America great again.

  57. Caterina Platt they are ALL a bunch of crooks. I'm not happy about any of the choices but anybody but Trump. Anyone who stands in front of the whole country and talks about the size of his penis has mental health problems. In my opinion.

  58. Ben Yost says:

    Diane Balsara Is the reason I think GED's should be mandatory:-)

  59. Ben Yost says:

    Good Conversations. You can certianly see who the people are that make actual Money in our industry and those that don't:-)

  60. It was only after Christopher Dodd was the recipient of "Muzzillo's favored free home loan" did he decide it was a bad idea for every other American to get one, so he outlawed them. But in is omnipotent arrogance, he seems to have forgotten to give his house back as a show of good faith. F-Dodd-Frank.

  61. It was only after Christopher Dodd was the recipient of "Muzzillo's favored free home loan" did he decide it was a bad idea for every other American to get one, so he outlawed them. But in is omnipotent arrogance, he seems to have forgotten to give his house back as a show of good faith. F-Dodd-Frank.

  62. Players gonna play!

  63. Yes Compensation and allow us to pick our appraisers……..

  64. J.R. Russell says:

    lol this one again – – at mark 2:51 does 'Bern- Man' clean an ear wax ball from his right ear and drop it on the floor?

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