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Deregulation seems to be on the way as Trump signs more deregulation orders.



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"Trump Signs More Deregulation Orders"

  1. Vernon Morrison says:


    My two cents. 33 years of experience talking.

  2. Karen says:

    Need to go back to the good old days.. everything was doing great and the comsumer was happier.

  3. Martha says:

    No questions some regs need to be deleted but not all please. Is it too much to ask that before slashing and burning everything there could be a well reasoned plan to go forward while avoiding the pitfalls that got us to the last crash? Uh, yeah I guess so. If a replacement for the Affordable Care Act can’t be found in 8 years I guess there is little hope for changing anything in a reasonable manner.

  4. Dennis says:

    Here is the problem as I see it. Too many people have been conditioned to see the word “regulation” as a negative. But let’s look at the intent of most “regulations” – and that is “consumer protection”. So, the headlines should read: Trump signs more orders removing consumer protection”. Sounds different, huh! Major banks and other large corporations hate regulations because they cut into already insane profits. We are not in “the good old days”, unfortunately! I agree that not all “regulations” are needed, and some are quite bothersome, but think of “today” without any “regulations”. I once saw a video of George HW Bush talking to some Monsanto folks, saying “We are in the deregulation mode. What do you want”. Who is the beneficiary of that attitude?

  5. Sean D says:

    Separate out the conventional loans from Jumbo. That graph is the exact opposite if it’s jumbo loans. Banks have a ludicrous advantage currently, ask any broker.

  6. James Salay says:

    I’m baffled and disappointed by the short-sighted opinion that “deregulation” is good. First of all, that’s not the right word for it, “regulations” are actually PROTECTIONS. Protections for you and I, and the rest of the 99% of Americans. Removing these PROTECTIONS is what caused the worst real estate crash since the Great Depression!!! That was in the 1930’s. We’re talking the biggest screw-up in around 70 YEARS! The Great Recession from ~2006-2013 was hell for millions of good hard-working Americans like you and I. Why would anyone in their right mind want to go down that path again!?!? That’s called insanity! And speaking of insane, people really need to learn to stop focusing on the impossible goal of “more, more, more”. The market is STRONG right now!! Thank your god for that, and now focus and how to be happy with all the gifts we already have in our lives. Trust me, you’ll be happier that way! Think about it…

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