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Trump Proposes HUD Cuts – Good or Bad?



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"Trump Proposes HUD Cuts – Good or Bad?"

  1. Ronnie Schmucker says:

    Instead of $25 for each loan ( technology improvement) make it $50. Would anyone notice? I think not.

  2. turnip says:

    150K per person lol. It will never be paid, it’s mathematically not possible. There’s no fraud MBSs to spread around the work with which to poison the global banking system, and force ‘investors’ into Treasuries to support deficit spending. Gov waste, immigrants, profit prisons, constant war, runaway Health Care, exhorbitant Educations costs are all needed to keep the dollar from deflation at this point. 150K. Might as well be 150B, for all it matters. A digital currency needs no bank. The dollar is no longer money, and decidedly un-American, and it’s days are numbered.

  3. Pablo Parada-Pentz says:

    I agree with cutting in principle, if it were not for the fact that these clowns cut taxes first, thereby creating a need for further, deeper budget cuts without any regard for the impact of said cuts. My sense is that you need to make budget first, then make budget cuts as necessary, and THEN cut taxes if there’s any money left. I don’t agree cutting cutting cutting … while also increasing fees to meet gaps (which is a tax). Putting these fees/taxes on borrowers will only increase origination costs and make it harder for us to collectively increase home-ownership (which I still think is a laudable goal). Also, I vehemently disagree with increasing a fee to update FHA “information technology.” This is akin to me increasing my prices because I need a new computer. Lastly, I can’t believe you guys just glossed over a 100% increase in the G-fee. Come on guys…you’re losing your compass.

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