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Trulia sees markets slowing down around the country due to affordability.  Is your market one of the trend setting markets predicting the real estate market in the near future?



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"Trulia Sees Markets Slowing Down"

  1. Jeff Smith says:

    Very informing….

  2. best show in a long time. good info.

  3. Good information. Haven't I seen this scenario before???? 2006-2007-2008

  4. Tina Murphy says:

    love you guys….go giants!

  5. Mike Didier says:

    Truila is not considered reliable for data around here. That is because some of Wisconsin’s largest brokerages (1000+ agents) have company policy’s to not syndicate listings to Zillow and truila.

  6. Quinine is a treatment for malaria, not scurvy. Scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency 😉

  7. Scott Layden says:

    I don't necssarily subscribe to Trulia's data, but the other things that will give are: prices will slow then go down until local wages catch up, especially in fringe areas like your grit areas; then developers will work with denser development which will be OK'd by cities that need tax revenue and blight reduction; then employers will pay location bonus (eg mortgage differential) to attract and retail employees, and finally businesses will relocate if they can or at least the parts of businesses that can be relocated. I live in an exec area of Franklin, TN. We have amazing schools, great infrastructure, reasonable traffic, so are a magnet for HQ's and execs. But, regular employees (secretaries, bus boys, teachers) can't afford here, so they commute. So, we're at a "pay a premium" stage to hire and keep workers.

  8. Dan Hartman says:

    “Unless something drastic happens, like Great Britain voting themselves out of the European Union, crashing the European economy.” Oops. . .

  9. Chip Leiner says:

    damn…you beat me to it

  10. Rich Below says:

    "More products and looser guidelines" is how we created the last crash. Is that what we should be doing? Giving loans to people who can't afford the homes they're buying is a bad plan.

  11. John W says:

    Almost a great analogy, guys, but Quinine cures malaria, nor scurvy…

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