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"Trulia PUNK’D Us! Humiliating… but funny!"

  1. Milo Elliott says:

    There's 6 min I'll never get back.

  2. That was entertaining. I appreciate a good April fool's prank.

  3. Good Morning, I can't open the video

  4. LOL! Love that Hipster passion! Well played…

  5. Schan Delle Nettles says:

    I cannot see the video?

  6. fred says:

    Can’t see the video either!

  7. Keith Ritter says:

    Lol. I feel same way Ryan does on Hipsters soon they will be a protective class. Very good video.

  8. Jack Girvan says:

    The only thing better would be if the map included Ryan's neighborhood!

  9. Wow that was a good prank. The text / graphic inserts made it even better. Ryan you get a pass this time for missing what Trulia was up to.

  10. Loved it, yourock Ryan!

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