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All this commotion about TRID is such a distraction to the important things in the industry.  Where will it be 5 years from now?



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"TRID 5 Years Later"

  1. George Thoma says:

    You Simply Nailed it ! It is a bunch of ,,,,,,,, Bacon !

  2. You are right on most of what you covered. We have no one to blame but ourselves by doing a lousy job of self policing. Our industry was full of greed and sleaze balls.
    We are reaping what we sowed.

  3. Maybe it is called adding too much fat to the fire to try to fix a problem that was not that big of deal.

  4. The bacon bit (pun totally intended) was awesome. LOL

  5. Jimmy Mac says:

    Bacon wrapped green beans for Thanksgiving supper! Yummy!

  6. Dora Griffin says:

    In five years TRID is history and we have a whole new set of papers to help the consumer to care about. New home sales are lower because Main Street can't afford a home, low wages, high costs are taking all their money. Just hope those Goldman Sacks types (and yes I meant to spell it that way) can make up for the lack of the middle class.

  7. John Bacon says:

    Grandmas Bacon's simple bacon toasted sandwich… 3 strips of bacon, a sliced dill pickle on mayo toasted bread… so goooood!

  8. John Deleva says:

    If we the people don’t demand from our elected officials intelligent and limited regulations we the people get what we deserve. Instead of filling the streets with focused and intelligent protest we allow the halls of Congress to be filled with the political elite and their financiers seeking the narrow interests of the few.

    Easier said then done for the people must paddle to stay afloat in the sea of government less they go under. We spend our days complying and working to fund our government and when the day is done we have only enough energy and dollars to keep our own little worlds afloat…one can’t help but think this is by design.

    I Still believe I live in the best country on earth but I also believe the people are the only hope of making it better…our voices are louder than those that occupy OUR Capital…raise them collectively, smartly and often.

  9. Deborah Fox says:

    what is leftover bacon?

  10. Ivyrene Burt says:

    The BEST fix for these ridiculous changes, is to have the ones who created them, work behind our desk and implement them. None of us will be alive to see any changes again, EVER…

  11. BettyKay Pilcher says:

    Love how you put things in perspective. I am going to forward this show to my realtor partners. They are so worried about TRID and how it is going to affect their transactions. I keep telling them we just have to tighten up our communication and work smarter as a team. Whether it actually better informs consumers or not it will make loan officers and realtors improve their communication and customer service!

  12. LOVE the Bacon piece! Or Pieces? 🙂

  13. Divedude says:

    Has our government done anything in the past seven years besides make those of us that work in this industry out to be the culprits of the mortgage crisis? Who really benefits from TRID and the CFPB? And if loving bacon is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

  14. Sally Perez says:

    Great analogy! I did just have the deep fried bacon,on a stick, with syrup at Globe Life Park when I went to see the Texas Rangers in the playoffs. it was heavenly!

  15. Jason Hutchings says:

    It’s funny. There is more mention of bacon in the comments than the actual content. That means Bacon Rules TRID Drools!!! Btw, there’s a place outside of Austin that makes Chicken Fried Bacon!!!

  16. Marsha Lenyk says:

    I am ready to fund my first TRID purchase today. 22 days from start to finish. Not that big of a deal timewise. We'll all get used to it just like we did with LO compensation. Business as usual. Let's all just keep putting homebuyers in homes. Sure am hungry for bacon now.

  17. John Alesi says:

    TRID is just another Y2K boondoggle!

  18. TRID, RESPA 2010, MDIA, FCRA ALL OF IT. Simply ways to show just how much the government cares. Anyone ever think maybe its a complex rouge to dupe the consumer into feeling protected, all the while propogating an industry that is desperatlry needed to support the economy?

  19. BLT-Toasted Sourdugh, Fresh lettuce, Beefstake Tomatoe, Best Foods Mayo and 4 strips of Bacon. YUM!

  20. Maybe we need TRID for bacon. We can cook the bacon but have to wait 3 days to eat it….

  21. people don't read their iphone update disclaimers today…think 100 pages of E-closing docs will be read on on a computer screen by a borrower sitting at a title company while the moving van is out front?

  22. Karen Collier says:

    TRIDS is a disaster for the consumer. Since its inception the average borrower, homeowner, American, has had their personal liberty diminished. Americans should expect to be able to make decisions to do what they wish with the equity they have earned in their privately held real estate possessions. Since the barbaric, regressive, draconian delays imposed upon Americans by TRIDS average person has experienced extreme hardship caused by the outrageously ridiculous delays imposed by Elizabeth Warren and the CFPB bureaucrats. Every day we deal with the diminished capacity of American homeowners to accomplish much needed and sought after refinancing. Elizabeth Warren and the Democrat party believe Americans are so undeniably stupid that they must be FORCED to delay actions which they chose to take to better their personal financial situations. Those FORCED delays have compromised almost every individuals rights to accomplish the goal the set out to achieve with their refinancing options.

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