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Trended Credit is Officially Live.




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"Trended Credit is Officially Live"

  1. Steve Bommarito says:

    “ Trended credit “ is just another way to upgrade iffy purchasers into buyers sort of sliding down the same slippery slope as the “ no doc” loans that eventually lead to the financial crisis of 2008

  2. Bernie says:

    Our company and every company I have worked for is very serious about the sexual harassment. There are those people who just believe the way they talk to the about sex is professional and courteous but if HR heard them talking they would not agree. I do not see it being anything physical but words can sometimes be just as painful.

  3. turnip says:

    Where it was left to us to be gentlemen in the past, the new narrative would have women believe that all males are predators, rapist and harassers. Where men were once allowed to give some parking lot wisdom to the exceptional male that harassed or worse, it’s now left to the State security forces to hold him up for public shaming and court action. This misanthropic message has hammered home every day for the last 20 years, and through a couple ‘waves’ of feminism.

    Are we any better off, or worse off, for this? Are women happier, safer, more fulfilled? I think not. To me it’s a blatant curbing of masculinity with a purpose. I’m not sure what that purpose it exactly, but I would wager confidently that it’s not about equality, safety or anything good for either men nor women. The message itself, could not be more dehumanizing, but I know most aren’t really listening.

  4. Gregg says:

    Not gonna even touch the “trended credit” nonsense. However, towards the end you mentioned “have your house on TV” !!!

    In the 80s I managed a med sized Re/Max Office in Riverside, CA. We DID buy into the TV ad thing. However, we had our phone girls TRACK EVERY ph call they rec’d. 80% came from sign calls, and 1 (one) % from TV ads. the remaining 15-19% came from Nosey neighbors and the MLS. FWIW, `Gregg

  5. John L. Rogers - Mortgage Services Product Manager, ACRAnet says:

    Trended Credit Data has an amazing upside, however, we have not yet seen the cost benefit with the current utilization of this information in the Mortgage Industry. Products such as Equifax’s Dimensions, Experian’s Trended Solutions and Trend View, TransUnion’s Credit Vision and CreditXpert’s TRENDSCAPE have modeled the predicted trajectory of applicant decision scores ostensibly based on a 24 month analysis grid now appearing on credit reports required by FNMA since September 24th, 2016 with DU version 10.0. TransUnion has suggested that with their product, the approximately 26.55MM consumers previously un-scorable will have potential scorable data points and 23MM more consumers will be considered Super Prime consumers. So, this will be a process as the information continues to be assimilated and then how and whom will utilize the data. Unfortunately, Trended Credit Data has created a significant cost to credit information from TransUnion and Equifax and soon to be followed by Experian. We can only hope that the upside expectations of Trended Credit Data are met by further demonstrable results and empirical evidence.

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