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The Treasury wants the CFPB to vet their consumer complaints.  We’ve been saying this for a while, let’s see if it happens.



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"Treasury Wants CFPB to Vet Consumer Complaints"

  1. Mike says:

    Well, I just experienced again Meritage homes gouge my client at the near final hour. They pulled that old bull crap bait and switch, it’s 2017 that crap is 10 plus years old, wtf. We all will be filing a formal complaints.
    Also if you guys want HELP, help the vets. VA, FHA loan switch. The a-hole VA appraisers are low balling Our Vets when appraising a home. The same house will appraise to the same VA buyer the second time when we switch the loan to FHA or 5% cons loan and reorder a new appraisal. Bull! And when they are boldly wrong they refuse to change. So now real estate agents are so ignorant and won’t except VA. Help us Men be the voice, investigate this horrible act that’s happening to Our men and women coming home!

  2. Eric Morgenson says:

    Your voice mail box has been full for 4 days. Kian watching the store?

    Your loyal friend Eric Morgenson. Frank, call me 949-554-5000. Got a nugget for ya…

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