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Believe it or not, today we actually applaud the CFPB for some changes they are about to make with respect to arbitration.



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"Today we Applaud the CFPB"

  1. Myriam Desprez says:

    For your Sprint issue…. really, do the online CFPB complaint against SPRINT, I am sure they will handle the problem and you will find resolve in an amicable way. And let us all know how it all go.
    I had a client going through the CFPB online complain on a sleazy/push-over lender, and she is very please with the outcome, she paid what was due and not all the frivolous add-on the lender was pushing onto her.

  2. Larry says:

    Our real estate office was out tour of new listings that just came onto the market. Realtors from our office walked into one listing and started to walk through the house, when we could hear the water running upstairs. Someone was taking a shower, and obviously had not been informed by the listing agents office that their house was on the tour for that day. Noticed a few days later the property was listed with another realtor.

  3. Regina says:

    I love watching your videos. Thanks for presenting so much valuable information in an entertaining way. I hope the CFPB continues to fight for the consumer. We work too hard for our money out here.

  4. Dan Neumann says:

    Try Ting.com for Sprint phones. $6 a month and you only pay for data that you use!

  5. Manny says:

    That is a huge flip flop on you guys. You normally have a conservative attitude, siding on the side on big business. Now that Sprint stuck it to you, you want to go after the big company. At what point does someone who is over 18, take responsibility for their actions? If large corporations are forced to put a million disclaimers in place, someone purchasing their product needs to read them. I do mortgages in NJ and we have our clients use an attorney to purchase a home which is their largest purchase ticket item and yet people buying in a majority of states do not use an attorney which I think is absurd. The bottom line, and this applies to every injustice in the world, there is an attorney behind everything. Watch the movie “The Firm” and listen to Gene Hackman explain on how lawyers change the laws so people have to hire other attorney’s to interpret the law and that is how they keep getting rich.

    1. ted Osmundson says:

      Yes Manny The purpose of legalease (sp) is to create a separation of power within the legal system. That separation known as “legal representation” or retaining a lawyer removes you from having direct interaction with the defendant. The Defendant “Sprint” has a legal team that writes agreements that sets up a win for them and lose for you scenario when issues like not being aware of the cost of not returning the old phone. Another movie that illustrates the power of lawyers injecting themselves into contractual agreements comes at the end of “The Devils Advocate” with Al Pacino in that closing scene. As was mentioned by another poster here regarding Gene Hackman in the movie titled “The Firm”. Lawyers keep finding new ways to set up situations where the consumer can be taken advantage of. A good ethical lawyer wants nothing to do with agreements generated for the purpose of forcing people to be taken advantage of with few exceptions imho.

  6. Bernie says:

    switch to Verizon!!!!

  7. Scott Hawkinson says:

    I had a similar situation with Verizon, not sure if Sprint operates the same way, but if you send the old phone back after the fact they should credit your account back the amount they charged you for the phone. Worth a call to find out.

  8. Audrey Boissonou says:

    I’m beginning to think this is a big money maker for these cell phone companies. This is the third story I’ve heard of in the last few weeks of the exact same situation. Except the other two stories who involved people who HAD returned the phones to Verizon and Sprint, only to find out later that both Verizon and Sprint said they didn’t receive them. One person was sent to collection and didn’t know until I pulled his credit. His scores are 100 points lower and REALLY impacting his rate of the mortgage. Someone definitely needs to sue these phone companies and stop the abuse of consumers.

  9. Lori Hanson says:

    I feel your pain with Sprint. I just went through a fun time with them myself. I spenk hours on the phone with them only to find out when I bought my new phone (lease) I also got some other items one of which was a speaker. I returned the speaker within 2 days, and they gave me back my money but it turned out that they gave me money back that I was supposed to turn around and give back to sprint to pay off the item so that the sob at the Sprint store would still get credit for the sale. However that was not explained to me at the time. I am so mad at them and the idiots in that store that I will not even set foot in there.

  10. Nancy Viejo says:

    Guys, you didn't read your lease agreement. Don't blame Sprint. I did read the lease agreement and it's a very bad deal. Therefore I continue to take the 2 yr contract and buy my phones. Also you are in business for yourself. Ask them about the consumer commercial account. I was offered a deal at Christmas to get my Note 5 for $99. And a free 32" TV. Took them up on it because it was renewal time. Don't want a contract, then hit up Virgin mobile or one of those companies.

  11. Jeff Womack says:

    Sprint sucks. Change your provider

  12. You guys are crazy. The only way the lenders can offer services is that they do millions of transactions. If they cannot limit their legal exposure, they will increase the price or drop the service completely. Now every attorney in the country is going to find some fault with any number of thousands of transactions and they will be after the banks for more billions. How many times can the banks pay out for all of these alleged violations. Think it through guys. And your problem with Sprint is not convincing. You could probably get that problem reversed if you wanted to spend the time on it.

  13. Dora Griffin says:

    The cfpb should spend their time on cell phones/cable/internet servicers vs loan originators. They all suck.

  14. Dean Eshelman says:

    Frank, look at Stream Powered by Sprint. Stream is a reseller of Sprint phone services as well as Life Services (credit protection, computer support etc) and Electric and Gas Utilities in certain states. I subscribe to their services. FreeFreeServices.com (Promo thru 5/31 – 6 gig data, unlimited text and talk $35) As to the CFPB – Like any organization they do some bad and you have said they should not exist. On the other hand they are the ONLY organization that strongly represents consumers for out of control corporate policies such as Arbitatration. I can not tell you how many times I have appealed Short Sale wrong doings thru the CFPB and when they say jump, the servicer says how high. ie a get a call from escalations in 24 hours. Personally I think CFPB does more good than bad. Yes it is a dictatorship not under the control of congress which is a common complaint, but have you ever seen congress stick their fingers in anything and have it work — NO!!

    1. Dean Eshelman says:

      PS — I never buy my phone from the Cell phone company. I buy my iPhone from the Apple store and specify the “World Phone” — it is unlocked. Most consumers don’t know this.

  15. If you are on Sprint, Ting is absolutely the better alternative. Great company!

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