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Tiny Homes in Backyards – The New Conversation Starter

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"Tiny Homes in Backyards – The New Conversation Starter"

  1. This guy is wrong! Most zoning and HOA will not allow it, single family is just that! What a waste of time!

  2. Benjamin Freeman says:

    There’s a few hidden potential extra costs the speaker just glazed over. Water and sewer infrastructure permitting fees. Yes for an ADU you can just connect into the existing system the current homes already has. However, every home has a max volume based upon the inbound and outbound service lines and there’s hefty fees should you need to upgrade your service oftentimes anywhere from $5K-$15K in permitting fees in addition to the regular permitting fees for a building permit not to mention sometimes there may even be a land use process required. So it’s important to meet and talk with someone like myself who’s well versed in planning/zoning and permitting to walk you through what your property existing status is and this is called “due diligence”.

    So be sure to do yours it’ll help you with both design and costs.

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