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Time to Play Mortgage Musical Chairs Again?

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"Time to Play Mortgage Musical Chairs Again"

  1. Guy Schwartz says:

    Would you please educate Realtor’s about VA loans. We need to do a better job getting our veterans into homes. The big myth that needs to be busted is the seller has to pay for the termite work and VA loans take longer, NOT TRUE. Please spread the word.

  2. Scott Johnson says:

    Of course mortgage companies don’t have any bright ideas, because most of them don’t have bright leadership. No one has changed the way a mortgage is done, Originate, process, underwrite, close or flip flop process and underwrite. Hasn’t technology allowed changed? It should have, but we as an industry just continue to do the same thing. Think about this as an originator. Is a processor really necessary today? Or, would a marketing/social media person be more beneficial? Also, the stigma of getting a mortgage is still terrible. What are companies doing to enhance the customer experience? Does your company even talk about it? Probably not. Think about it.

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