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Time to Market Single Ladies to Buy Homes



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"Time to Market Single Ladies to Buy Homes"

  1. James Scholl says:

    So, there is a shortage of sellers but plenty of buyers right? What are the buyers doing with their current homes?

  2. Janet Simons says:

    I found the statistics you noted today very interesting and yes, Brian this time you were spot on. I think many women have finally discovered that they can be successful without hanging on the shirt tail of a man. Happiness really does come from with in

  3. BobH says:

    I tried to post yesterday an update that I was eventually able to successfully post a complaint to the CFPB regarding the KW ad that is misleading and violates RESPA and Fair Housing law. It may have been a web browser issue that prevented it – when I retried from Edge (which I keep for situations like this since it has no add-ons installed), it worked.

  4. James, in reply to your comment: 35% are millenials purchasing new homes and do not have homes to sell. Barry Habib also said that when someone sells and buys it’s a neutral effect on the market. No inventory being created there.

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