“If you could spend 30 minutes in the middle of the day doing whatever you wanted to do, what would it be?”

This question took some time to answer. When so much of our day is spent doing things for others, thinking about ourselves and our needs is not easy. Thirty minutes? In the middle of the day? How is that possible right now?

Usually in the middle of the day I’m either sitting at my desk, in my car, or at someone’s house. I’m always inside somewhere doing something for someone other than myself.

“Be outside,” was my response.

Being “outside” is an interesting thing in Michigan.  If you’re lucky, it’s warm and sunny. But most days it’s rainy, snowy, gloomy, or downright cold. So actually taking 30 minutes a day to go outside isn’t as exciting, or realistic, as it sounds.

But this triggered more thinking.

If you are like the other agents I’ve talked to, we’re busy. We have clients coming out of the woodwork because they are finally hearing what we’ve been saying for two years: It’s a great time to buy or sell.

This means seven days a week of working… juggling emails, texts, facebook messages, phone calls, showings, paperwork, inspections, tasks, and problem solving while carving out time for family; making sure we are there for the important things in our loved ones lives- birthday parties, sporting events, recitals, school functions, family dinners, and more.

It’s exhausting and leaves little room to tend to ourselves. But with all the things we do in life, this is the single most important one.

We must take time to tend to ourselves.

So, I made a plan. I was taking Sunday off. It was going to be 55 degrees, sunny, and perfect. No baseball tournaments, no open houses, no parties. Nothing was scheduled. I could do this. I looked forward to it all week.

And then while I was working in my office on Saturday, I got a text. “Can you come out tomorrow to list our house?”

UGH! My brain went into overdrive. Tomorrow is MY day! But I need to make money. But tomorrow is MY day! But I need to be available to my clients. But it’s MY DAY!

I grappled with this for a few minutes before responding.

“Tomorrow will be tough for me. Can we meet later this week, maybe Tuesday evening?”

He agreed, and MY Sunday was safe once again. And it was great. I spent my entire day outside. I felt accomplished, refreshed, and ready to start the rat race Monday morning. I didn’t lose a client, and I didn’t miss anything important. 

Think about your life and your needs. Maybe 30 minutes a day will work for you. Maybe you need a full day off once in awhile, or even every week. Whatever it is that will work for you, you need to do it. Make time for yourself and your needs. We work hard at this crazy career, and deserve some sacred time to enjoy doing what we want to do once in awhile.

So I ask you, what would you do with 30 minutes?

Amy Gilpin, Associate Broker, Manager, ABR, SRES.Amy Gilpin Realtor

Fifteen years of helping clients. Seven years of helping agents. All for this crazy thing we call real estate.
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