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We have reason to believe that there are a bunch of new listings on the way over the next few years.  Much more so than we’ve seen lately.



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"There is a Bunch of Listings on the Way"

  1. Randy McMullin says:

    Or is a longer time in a home the new normal? I think an argument can be made for that as well. The assumption of going back to the “norm” also assumes the economy will go back to where it was in the last 23 years. It also assumes the new generation of buyers will have the same habits as the previous generation of buyers. I’m not sure that’s an accurate assumption either.

    If we go back to the 90’s and 00’s you’ll find that buyers had much higher debt ratios than current buyers. That tells me that buyers are MUCH more conservative now than they were in the past. That conservatism leads me to believe that the attitude towards buying up may have also changed.

    I do think we’ll see an increase of listings in the near future (pent-up demand), but I’m not so sure we’ll go back to the 6 year historical norm. Interesting video today, and good food for thought.

    1. Amy says:


  2. Mike says:

    It should read “There are a bunch of listings on the way”. – The grammar police 😉

  3. Kevin says:

    Stick to what you know! You flipped the chart way back in the past. AMC went out of business in 1987. You mean AMG.

  4. kiki says:

    Feel sorry for all the appraisers now being bullied to push values and dealing with all realtor complaints to the BREA (up 34%) for not hitting those sales prices! Next few years all the people who paid over list and cant sell are going be screaming it was the appraisers fault and sue the appraisers! CALIFORNIA NEEDS A STATUE OF LIMITATIONS ON SUING AN APPRAISER! WE DONT HAVE ONE!

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