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The whistleblower business is real and it’s booming.



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"The Whistleblower Business is Booming"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Come on guys. So now you say it’s ok for a company to do things wrong and the employees should just sit by and watch as customers are taken advantage of? One of your preferred companies has a BM that sent out an email to decline a loan just because the LO was leaving the company. Should that be let go? NO!

  2. James says:

    So your supporting criminals? This is what it sounds like?
    And these fines have nothing to do with interest rates or cost consumers are being charged. Clowns I say! Clowns!
    You two want to quote the numbers the whistleblower received.
    Lottery winnings?
    How about the net profits Wells Fargo was making on the REO portion of their business during the market crash? $35 Billion per quarter! Let’s say that number out loud! $35 BILLION per quarter net profit! All the while breaking the law and taking homes in the name of profit. How many CEOs went to jail in the USA? Zero! Not a dam one of them.
    Do you two even know how a bank sets up a scam against us? I’ll lay it out for you since your supporting crimals. As the scam is being done to its customers the bank puts aside a legal fund in the event of lawsuits or government actions. This fund is invested. When there are years of overwhelming complaints against the bank the government dragging their feet go after the bank for THEIR cut (just a taste) since their are laws in place saying a Financial institution can never pay more than 10% of their profit (rigged system) for a crime. The bank lawyers up and battles with the government. Of course they always setter somewhere in the 3% of their profit range. And of course you two jump up and down supporting this kind of business, right?

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