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"The Week in Review with Ryan and Brian"

  1. Seth Wilcock says:

    So, if these big law firms win, and it ends up getting pushed through that buyers need to start paying the buyer’s agent’s commission (instead of the listing broker and seller), I wonder how that will impact first time home buyers and down payment assistance buyers. Seems to me that the American Dream for many people could be even further delayed, particularly for first time home buyers and down payment assistance buyers.

  2. Mark Higgins says:

    You gentleman obviously have some contacts in the mortgage industry. So I want to suggest a mortgage product that maybe you can pass on to the right people. I do not understand why it does not exist.

    When you send in more money than owed on most mortgages, the additional over and above what is owed that month is applied to principal. Effectively the loan is re-amortized and the length of the loan is reduced. This saves on interest over time. The problem is: If you have a 30 year loan, you may not see the benefit for years. You may die before you see the benefit. Why doesn’t anyone offer a loan where if you make a principal payment, the length of the loan stays the same and the payment goes down. I think this would be popular and more people would make principal payments. Let me know if this goes anywhere. Thanks,
    M A R K

  3. John Keltch says:

    There are 9 Law firms involved in suing for a class action of home buyers over the last three years. Who is paying the legal fees for these 9 law firms? My money, in a bet, would be on the Ibuyer companies with the 7% fees, THE DISRUPTORS. It doesn’t require a MENSA membership to follow the money.

    Please send me the powerpoint!

  4. Kerry Suess says:

    I was looking for the PowerPoint that was mentioned would be available to us. Please advise. Thank you for the great info.

  5. Dustin says:

    Can someone provide a link to that power point. Thanks!

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