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I’ll bet you’re on pins and needles right now wondering what the collective value of all residential real estate is in the US aren’t you?  Well, take it easy cause we’ve got the answer, or, at least Zillow does, which means it accurate with in 8% to 65% so you can take that straight to the bank!



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"The United States Zestimate is Here!"

  1. Wendy Walker says:

    Love the gun shots.

  2. Eric Kennedy says:

    Juuuuussssttt a little bit outside… I don't understand how a Zestimate can be offered legally. I've seen it REALLY effect homeowners decision making and it is costing some people mucho dinero…. just sayin – there is a class action suit wating to happen here.

  3. Cindy Young says:

    I love those who are not afraid to speak and share the truth! Thank you for that. The "Mortgage Shots" article is very eye-opening, yet typical. The fears they create is a smoke screen to hide what they are doing. Like how the "Great Hero" story which gets rewritten in almost every book and movie they use the McCarthyism plot for theirs because unfortunately it's a formula that it works! It works because we the people allow it to work by our ignorance. Thank you for putting it in our face! Thats not to ignore some of us who have observed this pattern but feel powerless to do anything about it. What is great about your posts is that even though we can not change what "they" are doing, it helps to know other people see it too and eventually when we all wake up change will occur!

  4. Bill Balcer says:

    Zillow's Zestimate is absolutely worthless and just creates problems with misinformation for us Realtors, ( they can only be off 8 to 68%) and they are proud of that. Scrap Zillow !!!

  5. Jacqueline Dewar says:

    Got to love it.

  6. Kenny says:

    You guys are hilarious and it really makes your think how back wards are industry is sometimes.
    Can you Image if we quoted clients with a rate of 3%-60% and told them don’t worry about it just sign the docs!!!

  7. Zillow can't make intelligent adjustments. Zillow can't talk to realtors about the divorce sale, probate or recent upgrades or damage. Zillow does not notice little things like a view amenity, proximity to good schools, traffic noise or lot location. Zillow did not smell that odd odor, see the mold or notice that the foundation was listing to the south. Zillow CAN give you basic info about a house and tell you the recent sales price. Use it for that, but the other stuff requires an appraiser. It's the biggest purchase most people will ever make. I think it's worth $500-$1,000 to get the skinny on the bank's collateral and your investment. But Zillow is free! Yes, and apparently you get what you pay for; an 8-65% variance.

  8. Jeff Altman says:

    Am I the only one who does not see the Hot Shots article?

  9. Jeff Altman says:

    I have just found out that your posts are not working real well with Chrome. I went to Internet Explorer and it is fine. Have you guys had any problems with Chrome?

  10. Eric Goosen says:

    news flaash dudes Detroit is once again awesome so you can quit with the burn it down jabs, remember home of quicken loans, why not come for a visit guys, gilbert would love to have you

  11. Pam Allen says:

    Love this video cast. Had to watch it 3 times. Just found it funny. You guys have a great way of presenting information that makes it memorable.

  12. Pam Allen says:

    No Chrome works fine.

  13. Jarod Marcus says:

    Not sure why you guys are torqued up about Fannie relocating to Plano with our new open-carry law. You suggested Detroit instead, where incidentally, Michigan has very similar and parallel gun laws to Texas. A couple of BIG differences though, is that Michigan already allowed open-carry, even to the extent that it is legal for a license holder to open-carry in those areas prohibited in Texas such as schools, day-cares, stadiums, bars, and hospitals.

    I usually enjoy your show and find you relevant, compelling, and educated. I really don’t see what one has to do with the other, and frankly I am disturbed that smart folks can be so blindly swayed by the anti-gun rhetoric. Common sense tells ME that open carry DISCOURAGES criminals who can see they are surrounded by citizens who can protect themselves AND others around them. And NO, I am not a gun nut- I don’t personally own a handgun, nor am I licensed to do so. I live in Texas, and I can see why Fannie chose Texas… good business environment where crime is substantially lower than Detroit. Also not likely to have their building shot up and employees murdered like in…oh we don’t need to bring that up. You guys are from there, and I’m sure you know how their restrictive gun laws protect its citizens.

  14. Love the guns! I can't stop laughing. Not sure if this was better than the weiner dog from today.

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