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The Roe v. Wade Effect on Housing



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"The Roe v. Wade Effect on Housing"

  1. Phillip Sharp says:

    Confused by Habib’s last comments. Wouldn’t less abortions lead to more demand for housing. Thought he said that all the way through but contradicted himself at the end. Or I misunderstood his point altogether?

  2. Wes Well says:

    “Big R pin makes me smarter”….:) lololol

  3. REORealtor1 says:

    This summation is rather sophmoric. By the 1970’s 12% of females were attending college, mostly more affluent families that would have purchased homes, but delayed their families until after college which put their births into the 1980’s. This was up from 5% in the 1950’s. While birth control was available during the 1960’s it wasn’t of widespread use until the 1970’s. Prior it was frowned on by many religious groups. Also during the mid 1970’s was the gas rationing. There was little work for the trades. If you were lucky enough to have a job you couldn’t get gas unless you bought it on the black market for $4-5 a gallon. I was pregnant with my first. You had even and odd days coinciding with your license plate. I was almost on empty with nine months of a belly begging the attendant for just a little gas and was refused. We had a friend in real estate who used to say ‘The markets going to come alive in ‘75!!’ This was hardly the climate to start a family. No jobs, no gas, no prospects. Using Roe vs Wade is sophmoric at best, narrow vision shouldn’t be used to make up theory behind statistics. Barry, you’re a smart guy with great vision but this is totally off base.

  4. Jesse Sandoval says:

    INTERESTING, so when the parent can’t take care of the child, I guess the county, state, and fed will pay for the child until 18 or 25 with free college or prison? Interesting.

  5. We ssarch businesses pprimarily based oon their location.

  6. Mitzi K Burnett says:

    You have to add the Vietnam War in the mix as there were less men for marriage which also lowered marriage and household formations.

    1. REOREALTOR1 says:

      Yup. And that too; along with many that came home dazed and confused with no job prospects and emotional and drug problems.

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