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additional comments on
"The Power of the Yellow Envelope"

  1. Michael Check says:

    This positive emotion radiates from the same place as the feeling that so many people get when they “curl up with a good book”. You won’t feel the same way curling up with your favorite Kindle. Ever. You can’t. So personalizing will cut through the crap. It IS something you can relate to. That’s why it works.

  2. jeff nunley says:

    I hired a coach who’s team writes a great newsletter we edit and mail out monthly. It looks and feels homemade and we make sure it has something personal in it. It has gotten a great response.

  3. Collette McKee says:

    Love the idea, love your videos. But this one needed to get to the point way faster than it did. 10 minutes for what you could have done in 3-4. Remember it’s the now generation. You loose a lot of viewers in 2-3. You taught us that years ago.

    1. Sidney Majors says:

      I like the info they share. Humors ok, but yes, definitely agree – Get to the point! Especially with the verbal promo before…FYI I never watch after the point is made. Lots of info out there to take in. Thanks guys!

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